May 162013

Life for the refugees has gradually improved since I first met them. More forces are being allocated to defend Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel from the Molten Alliance between the dredge and flame legion.

I traveled to the Black Citadel with my friend Alexander, hoping to speak with Rytlok Brimstone about the situation. He was already in a meeting with a young charr ranged named Rox. She was being assigned a job to secure a hatchery in Nolan.

Wanting to get in on the action and see what the Molten Alliance was doing in Nolan, I spoke to Rox after her meeting. She was delighted to receive some help, and even encouraged me to bring others.


Moments after passing through the hatchery’s tall iron gates, we spotted flame portals. Any hopes we had of saving the warband stationed to this hatchery were dashed. Rox, fearing the failure of the mission would cost her greatly, rushed towards where the devourers were being kept.


Several sonic emitters were assembled around the baby lashtails. Fortunately for us, many of the young devourers were still safe, including many of the eggs.


After dispatching the sonic emitters and a wave of enemies, we spoke with the only surviving charr we could find, Sithio Quicklash. He told us the Molten Alliance attacked so quickly that the warband didn’t have any time to sound an alarm. Several members of his warband fled and barricaded themselves behind the south gate. He gave us the key to it.

On our way to check the south gate, a young albino devourer followed Rox and refused to leave. She tried to shoo it off, but given the urgency of our situation, she had to try to ignore it for now.

FF-albino devourer

After fighting our way through more dredge and flame legion, Rox discovered that the hatchery workers had been taken back alive. I don’t know what the Molten Alliance needs with them, but Rox is determined to track them down.

I wasn’t very hopeful about the situation, but she promised to mail me a letter when her next mission started.

FF-hatchery boss

On my way to speak with Rytlok in the Black Citadel, I met with the Whisper’s Agent Brandubh. His order had planted someone inside the Molten Alliance and asked me to retrieve several of his “dead drops” littered across Diessa Plateau and the Wayfarer Hills. Intrigued at discovering his findings, I took on the mission.

Using their Order Cryptotranslator, I read a few interesting notes. The Molten Alliance were using digging machines (which made me suspect they could have an underground lair), and some prisoners were taken to “weapons testing facilities”. Also, despite some internal conflict, the cause of their alliance is still unknown. The planted agent was able to rule out Primordus’ influence at the very least.

FF-dead drops

After returning the dead drops to Agent Brandubh, I set off to finally talk to Rytlok.

This time, he was meeting with a young norn guardian named Braham. Braham was pleading with Rytlok to send help for his people in Cragstead, even going so far to reveal that he was Eir’s son. Rytlok refused to believe he was Eir’s son, and told him to take up his norn problems with Knut.

Braham confessed to me that he came asking the charr legions for help, because of his bad relationship with Eir. Without anywhere else to go, he was off to Hoelbrak to speak with Knut Whitebear. Curious to find out if he was actually Eir’s son, I offered to stand by his side while he pleaded for help.


Braham’s conversation with Knut Whitebear was brief. All of the norn’s forces were tied up with defending Hoelbrak from the Molten Alliance. Furthermore, Knut refused to aid Braham in his hopeless cause. Insisting that the people of Cragstead would be better off if they fled to Hoelbrak.

I didn’t realize the leaders of charr and norn nations were so busy with the refugees and the new threats. Speaking to Eir, she mentioned that they had begun taking a more active role in caring for the refugees. They were now taking many refugees in to their lodges. She was worried that the Molten Alliance would attack Hoelbrak head on, and her skills would be needed here. Little was said about her son, but she hoped that if he still ran off to defend Cragstead, that I would see to it that he wasn’t alone.

FF-braham knut

On our way to Cragstead, we were interrupted several times by these “sonic periscopes”. I sensed something strange as we traveled the northern road, and as I turned to see what it was, this device knocked me back. My friend Alexander, my fern hound Ginseng, and I were able to take turns attacking it between the sonic blasts and destroyed it. From the wreckage, we recovered audio logs. Later on, I was able to find a member of the Vigil who was collecting these.

FF-sonic periscope

At Cragstead, Braham and I arrived to find that the Molten Alliance had imprisoned villagers in flame legion prisons. The massive amount of enemies here, made me think on Knut Whitebear’s hesitation to save Cragstead. But once I heard the screaming and the crying of the men, women and children held here, I couldn’t bear to leave Braham’s side. So the three of us fought off waves of the Molten Alliance before freeing the initial group of prisoners.


Moving further into Cragstead, we were still outnumbered against the Molten Alliance. They had secured every corner of Braham’s home. Our arrival at least interrupted the abduction of even more villagers.


Following Braham to the ends of a cave that was connected to Cragstead, we encountered the Molten Alliance leader assigned to capture the villagers. Though he was tougher than his minions, we still had no trouble killing him, as all of his reinforcements were dead and their portals destroyed.

FF-cragstead boss

Speaking with survivors, Braham learned the troubling news that Otilla and her family had been taken. I don’t know who she is, but from the look on his face, it must be someone very dear to his heart.

The surviving Cragstead villagers promised Braham they’d leave immediately for Hoelbrak. Many of them had hoped to fend off their attackers and protect their homestead. But with the odds against them, it’s time to move on and rebuild once the dust settles.

With a huge weight lifted off his shoulders, Braham opened up about his past. He was brought here as an infant by his father, Borje the Sun Chaser. Unfortunately Borje passed away while Braham was a young boy, so he spent most of his years in Cragstead being raised by Yngvi Rugnar and his mate. After today’s battle, I can see why Braham feels so passionate about saving Cragstead. He took great care in helping everyone pack up for the move to Hoelbrak, and assured me that I’d be the first to know when the Molten Alliance strikes again.

FF-cragstead end