Oct 142013

To mark the special occasion of Halloween, and the 250th year since Mad King Thorn had been seen, Lion’s Arch was redecorated. The famous lion statue took on a deranged and spooky appearance, children of all races ran through the streets demanding candies, and pumpkins were placed throughout for carving.

halloween 1325-entry

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Aug 132013

To celebrate Queen Jennah’s 10 years as ruler, a grand jubilee is taking place in Divinity’s Reach. It’s an opportunity to share the accomplishments of humanity and show off to the other races. At the Crown Pavilion, I was invited to attend the opening ceremony and catch a glimpse of the queen’s new guards and arena.

queens jubilee-entry

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Jun 282013

Thanks to the Captain’s Council, Lion’s Arch is hosting the very first Dragon Bash event. Inspired by the original Dragon Festival in Cantha, this new celebration mocks the malicious dragons, as opposed to honoring them.

Once I stepped through the Divinity’s Reach asura gate that connects to Lion’s Arch, my eyes widened at the sight of a colossal holographic dragon. It was modeled after the Shatterer to be precise. I had heard about the bash in advance, but the scale of the celebration really impressed me. This hologram, was anchored to a projector at the Lion’s Court, which is replacing the famous lion statue for the bashl.

dragon bash-celebration

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