May 162013

Life for the refugees has gradually improved since I first met them. More forces are being allocated to defend Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel from the Molten Alliance between the dredge and flame legion.

I traveled to the Black Citadel with my friend Alexander, hoping to speak with Rytlok Brimstone about the situation. He was already in a meeting with a young charr ranged named Rox. She was being assigned a job to secure a hatchery in Nolan.

Wanting to get in on the action and see what the Molten Alliance was doing in Nolan, I spoke to Rox after her meeting. She was delighted to receive some help, and even encouraged me to bring others.


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May 152013

Word of refuges fleeing a new threat spread quickly. Throughout Lion’s Arch, Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel, people affected by the change poured their hearts out to any that would listen. I spoke with a norn woman by the asura gates in Lion’s Arch. Her requests seemed a bit vague, and she wasn’t clear on what was causing the influx of refugees. To better understand the situation, I set off to visit Hoelbrak, the Black Citadel, and the areas refugees were fleeing from.



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May 142013

I arrived at the entrance to the karka hive, only to discover that the Lionguards and their demolitionists were charging on ahead. The path spiraling into the hive was packed with all sorts of people and veteran karka. The importance and urgency of the situation had drawn adventurers from every corner of Tyria.

Our given task was pretty simple: escort the demolitionists to predetermined locations and stand guard while they set the charges.

TLS- demolition squad

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May 132013

Lion’s Arch was attacked once again by the ancient karka and this time we had the upper hand. Thanks to Head Researcher Levvi, a powerful solvant was available and could be used either on your weapon, or already applied to a gun with several other properties built in. Unfortunately, I slept through the whole assault but I managed to arrive in time for the push out onto Southsun Cove.

Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed was on a docked shipped with his prisoner, Canach. After speaking with both of them, it seems our only option is to kill the ancient karka and subdue the population, so they don’t strike Lion’s Arch again. Canach made it sound like he simply took a few flowers as a souvenir, but whatever he’s done has forced us into battle with mindless monsters just trying to protect their territory. If the Consortium doesn’t become bankrupt after this disaster, I shudder to think what their other lapses in judgement will cost us all.

TLS-magnus and canach

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