Jun 102013

Days after investigating the rise in attacks on Southsun Cove, the Lionguard pinpointed Canach’s location. Ellen Kiel requested my assistance immediately at the Bakestone Caverns. I could tell by her letter, that apprehending the sylvari secondborn would be no easy task. And upon arriving at his hideout, my suspicions were confirmed when I spotted mines throughout the cave. However thanks to Researcher Levvi’s efforts, her new mine detecting gun would enable me to detect and deactivate his traps.


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May 282013

Thanks to the Consortium, refugees from the Molten Alliance attacks can have a new home on Southsun Cove. Considering the Consortium’s track record, I was suspicious about all this. I traveled to their “resort location” and spoke with the new inhabitants.

Nearby Port Pride, several tents and basic amenities were being built (fire pits, washboards, etc).

pre tss-refugee homes

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May 252013

I received a letter in the mail today from Braham. The Molten Alliance has come to an end, but our correspondence continues. After thanking me for all that I’ve done for him, Braham mentioned that he’d be in Hoelbrak reporting back to Knut Whitebear, and Rox would be in the Black Citadel interrogating prisoners.

Because I was already in the area, I stopped by the Black Citadel stockade to watch Rox grill the molten prisoners. What I walked in on was her discussion with Rytlok about joining his warband. He made it sound like she still had a long way to go, but Rox has demonstrated that she will go above and beyond what’s expected. Hopefully she won’t have to stay as a gladium for very long.

The prisoners have begun to talk, but most of the confessions hurl blame at each other. Rox also mentioned that there still might be more pockets of the Molten Alliance out there, and that she, along with Braham, would be helping the Vigil again.

FF-rytlok rox

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May 222013

As the Molten Alliance increased their attacks, the Vigil were able to hone in on their weapon testing facilities. I spoke with Warmaster Uma Threshgrowl outside the entrance, and learned that both Rox and Braham were waiting inside for backup. So along with four other eager adventurers, we joined forces and descended into the Molten Facility.

It looked as if we reached a dead-end, but before Braham had a chance to pick a fight with a rocky wall, Rox intervened. Due to her experience working in a mine, she was able to operate some abandoned dredge drilling machinery. Just then, a flame portal formed behind us. The drilling alerted them to our presence. We fought them off while Rox finished getting the device started.


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