Oct 142013

The increase in paranormal activity attributed to Mad King Thorn caught the attention of the Durmand Priory. Magister Tassi asked for my assistance in uncovering six key moments during the Mad King’s lifetime.

Tassi modified a device to reveal and commune with the dead. Their testimony would fill in the gaps of Mad King Thorn’s history. All this knowledge would be collected and shared in a new book: Mad Memories.

Using the Candy-Powered Matter Meter provided by Tassi, I revealed a spirit right next to us. Serene was born to the noble Brody family of Kryta. She died when a horse became startled and it’s kick fatally wounded her. In the few moments she lived, “Os”, Oswald Thorn was seen from a distance, grinning at the act.

During her years as a spirit, she thought on how Os loved to prank and fed animals hot peppers to see them suffer. I also learned that Oswald had a kinder brother named Ewan, which Serene admitted to having a crush on.

halloween 1325-mad king lore tassi

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Aug 212013

Queen Jennah invited heroes, emissaries from across Tyria, and everyone in Divinity’s Reach to attend a closing ceremony. People in the crowds speculated on the speech. Some whispered about a call to war, a bid for Orr’s royal throne, or perhaps an announcement that Jennah was ill or pregnant.

Rox, Frost Bite, Braham, and Logan all gathered around the center of the Crown Pavilion as Queen Jennah spoke to the crowd:

Thank you all for coming. This event is ending, but humanity’s resolve will never waver. We have withstood every challenge thrown at us. Because unity is our strength. Together, there is nothing we cannot withstand.

clockwork chaos-queens speech
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Aug 132013

To celebrate Queen Jennah’s 10 years as ruler, a grand jubilee is taking place in Divinity’s Reach. It’s an opportunity to share the accomplishments of humanity and show off to the other races. At the Crown Pavilion, I was invited to attend the opening ceremony and catch a glimpse of the queen’s new guards and arena.

queens jubilee-entry

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