Aug 182013

Hoelbrak was founded by Asgeir Dragonrender after Jormag the dragon’s rise in 1165 AE. Before that time, norn lived further north in the Far Shiverpeaks. The norn would have stayed and died fighting to Jormag’s minions had the Spirits of the Wild not guided them. With the sacrifice of Owl, and the diversion granted by Wolverine and Ox, norn followed Bear, Wolf, Raven and Snow Leopard south to the mountains where dwarves used to live.

Norn in Hoelbrak live in the five large lodges of Bear, Wolf, Raven, Snow Leopard and the Great Lodge. These deeply spiritual people still revere their Spirits of the Wild and devote much of the city to them.


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Jul 222013

The Black Citadel is the capital city of the charr, built upon the ruins of the human city Rin. It was constructed on 1112 AE, 22 years after King Adelbern unleashed the Foefire when the charr marched to take over Ascalon City. Adelbern’s wicked spell killed every human in the area including himself, to transform them into eternal ghostly protectors. As ghosts, they mindlessly attack anyone who enters their territory, charr, human, and even sylvari. No one has been able to dispel the Foefire, so the charr of Black Citadel and Ascalon continue to fight the ghosts.

With the return of the Claw of the Khan-Ur to Imperator Smodur the Unflinching, charr and humans have agreed to a peace treaty. The deal was struck only 2 years ago, but the citadel has already become friendlier to travelers of all races, and the war with the humans of Ebonhawk has ceased. Thanks to the foresight of Queen Jennah and Imperator Smodur, this treaty brought the two kingdoms together, setting aside their differences from the past to focus on the dragons which ravage Tyria.

Arriving here from Lion’s Arch, my view was dominated by the Imperator’s Core; a metallic spherical building at the center of the city. Looking at it from the Memorial Quadrant, six charr statues line the walkway leading up to it.

black citadel-entry

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Jul 152013

Founded after the flooding of Lion’s Arch when Orr rose from the seas, Divinity’s Reach is the last great human city. It’s filled with the human descendants of Ascalon, Kryta, Cantha, Elona and even Orr (not that they publicly acknowledge it). The walled city has two levels, and is shaped like a wheel that’s divided into six main districts. Each of the districts are separated by main roads devoted to the each god. Queen Jennah, ministers, and other important figures meet at the heart of Divinity’s Reach in the Central Plaza.

divinitys reach-entry

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