Oct 282013

The Kessex Hills region has changed a lot over the past 250 years. It encompasses parts of old regions such as the Talmark Wilderness, Tears of the Fallen, the Black Curtain, and Kessex Peak. Looking back on my ancestor’s notes, this area used to be inhabited by animate undead skeletons, minotaurs, imps, oakhearts, and mergoyles. Now it’s mostly filled with centaurs, bandits, krait, Destroyers, ettins, and trolls.

During her struggle to overthrow the White Mantle, Princess Salma and the Shining Blade used the Talmark Wilderness to setup a camp to launch their coup on Lion’s Arch. Her success transformed their simple tents and training grounds into the fortified complex we have today: Fort Salma.

With the passing of time, Fort Salma serves a new purpose for Kryta. Seraph soldiers train, protect and watch over the people that live in Kessex Hills. Centaurs and bandits have several large camps and regularly raid human settlements.

kessex hills-fort salma

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Aug 302013

Wayfarer Foothills is divided into two regions: green lowlands and a snow covered hilly area to the north. During my heroic ancestor’s time, this was an unmarked area between the city of Rin to the east, and Borlis Pass to the north west. The pressure from Jormag has given the norn a reason to make the foothills as hospitable as possible. Forts, homesteads, shrines to the Spirits of the Wild, and breweries have all been built since the norn’s resettlement. The usual troubles have followed them, (such as the Sons of Svanir) but now they also face the dredge which inhabit deep caves throughout the foothills.

wayfarer foothills-entry

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Jul 282013

The Plains of Ashford were built over the ruins of Old Ascalon. Charr that live and work here still battle human ghosts from the past. The Flame Legion, human separatists, grawl, harpies, skelk, and ogres are also a constant threat.

Entering the plains from the Black Citadel, I arrived at the Village of Smokestead. Here I met my charr friend and tour guide, Grekel Feraldrum. I’ve spent a lot of time researching the area (especially it’s past), but it’s always useful to get another opinion from a local. At the village, I visited the Three Legions Court to find it’s patrons in a bar brawl. Apparently this sort of thing happens all the time.

plains of ashford-smokestead

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Jul 052013

Outside the comforts of Divinity’s Reach, Queensdale is the farmland humans depend on and the front line against the war with the tamini centaurs. There is also the threat of bandits and aggressive wildlife, but the centaurs have been a constant threat to Krytans. At the height of one such attack, I joined Logan Thackeray (of Destiny’s Edge fame) and the Seraph just outside the Shaemoor Garrison. It earned me the title “Hero of Shaemoor” and gave me the embark on my career as an adventurer. In this journal entry, I’m taking it upon myself to get to know every corner of Queensdale.


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