May 132013

Lion’s Arch was attacked once again by the ancient karka and this time we had the upper hand. Thanks to Head Researcher Levvi, a powerful solvant was available and could be used either on your weapon, or already applied to a gun with several other properties built in. Unfortunately, I slept through the whole assault but I managed to arrive in time for the push out onto Southsun Cove.

Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed was on a docked shipped with his prisoner, Canach. After speaking with both of them, it seems our only option is to kill the ancient karka and subdue the population, so they don’t strike Lion’s Arch again. Canach made it sound like he simply took a few flowers as a souvenir, but whatever he’s done has forced us into battle with mindless monsters just trying to protect their territory. If the Consortium doesn’t become bankrupt after this disaster, I shudder to think what their other lapses in judgement will cost us all.

TLS-magnus and canach

Admittedly, the Southsun Cove landscape is beautiful. It’s a bit hard to take in the scenery while orders are being shouted at you. So I planned to aid Kiel in building trebuchets and advancing further inland. But during her brief breaks to regroup and collect resources, I will backtrack and have a look around the island.

TLS-karka nearby port

We pushed this veteran karka all the way into this Consortium Post. There should be several of these throughout Southsun Cove. With enough people, we should be able to recover all of them.

TLS-karka in consortium camp

Backtracking to Port Lion, the limestone formation in the background caught my eye. According to the Consortium staff, it leads to an area named Driftglass Springs. If I were to follow the waters behind this section of the springs, I’d find myself in the Bakestone Cavern. At first I felt a bit uneasy of going in that direction, because I heard several large explosions go off. But I should investigate it sooner or later.


Also near Port Lion is a rocky cave with strange jets of hot air. I witnessed several adventurers try to hop across each subsequent spring to reach a hidden area.


Following the sound of explosions heard earlier, I met with Demolitionist Varvv in the Bakestone Cavern. We assisted in planting charges on groups of karka egg layers. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure this is a lot more insulting to the karka than Canach’s account of plucking a single flower. Our efforts were greatly rewarded when Varrv offered us some orichalcum picks for protecting him throughout the mission.

TLS-demolish event

Using some more of my free time to wander around under the waves. I found the remains of a large creature off the shore from the Bakestone Cavern.

TLS-fish bones

Further up the coast in Sawtooth Bay, there are several sunken ships. Not all of them have the Consortium’s mark. Their usefulness as seaworthy vessels ended a long time ago, but the local sharks and sea life use it as shelter.

TLS-sunken ship

Among the island inhabitants are reef drakes. This subspecies of drake uses confusion to weaken it’s prey. Luckily for me and the other rangers here, we were able to find several juveniles ready to train.

I was eager to befriend them from the start (juvenile or not!), because of their striking appearance. I’ll name my handsome new friend, Amaranth.

TLS-reefdrake pet

Back to business, I met up with the Lionguards on the Dappled Shores, where there seemed to be karka behind every rocky corner. The real appeal of this area, are the patches of passiflora. I was able to gather a few passion fruits, but others reported plucking the rare passion flower. Perhaps this is what caught Canach’s eye.

TLS-dappled shores

A bridge still connects Pearl Islet to the Dappled Shores. This seems to be where the Consortium tired to install an asura gate and launch a ship back (which lies in ruins at their harbor).

TLS-pearl islet

To cross the Dappled Shores into the next area, Kiel and the Lionguards worked hard to construct this bridge. Fortunately for us, most of the materials, especially wood, were readily available on Southsun Cove.

TLS-building bridge event

With the bridge’s completion, we encountered a new creature called “reef riders”. Given the similarities in appearance and name, they must be related to the wind riders of Maguuma Jungle.

TLS-driftglass springs

The hot spring terraces and stone pillars of the Driftglass Springs create an incredibly striking view. I’m looking forward to coming back here and spending some time relaxing after the karka are subdued.

TLS-driftglass springs2

On a small island to the south west, I met a very deranged looking sylvari. At first she offered to make us some omelets, provided we gather some karka eggs. But after we collected enough eggs, her strange back story emerged.

She was sent here as the cook in a party with a prospector, cartographer and their captain. They were endorsed but not affiliated with the Consortium. She started to choke up after speaking of her crew, whose whereabouts are unknown. I looked around her camp for any clues, but all that remains here are wooden figures propped up to look like people (which she talks to), and an asura golem which refuses to speak.

Draw whatever conclusions you will about this scenario, but it’s probably best I leave before finding out what really happened to her team.

TLS-owains refuge

The Lionguard have paused at Camp Karka, so I went ahead and checked the area ahead of us. Past the Scoured Plains and Seashell Hills lies the karka hive. Unfortunately, a massive wall made out of karka webbing prevented me from sneaking inside. But I’m sure when Lionguard Ellen Kiel is ready to attack the ancient karka inside the hive, finding a few demolitionists won’t be a problem.

TLS-seashell hills to hive