Jul 062013

Following Mai Trin’s arrest, word spread of a second Aetherblade site on the mountainside of Gendarran Fields. Earlier during the Dragon Bash, I hear strange noises coming from this mountain, so I knew exactly where to head.

Jumping past some rocky debris, the only way to continue forward was by using a launch pad.


Holographic walls created the appearance of an impenetrable mountain side. I couldn’t see where the gap was, but the echoing sound of machinery gave it away.

nss-false wall

Deeper into the mountain side, there were more launch pads, and a variety of pipes billowing steam.


Overlooking the Aetherblade site, I wondered how long it took them to setup here. Installing all the control panels and pipes would have taken a long time.


Several Aetherblade caches were scattered around the facility. I had already found some inside the Aetherblade Retreat and across Tyria in hard to get spots.


The only way to get atop the airship was through a long series of dangerous jumps.


One false step and you had to start all over, if you survived that is.


I reached a crossroads, at this launch pad I could either go onto the airship or progress towards the sky. Asking other adventurers what was up there, I learned that a sinister Aetherblade agent placed diving goggles at the highest platform. Convinced that it was trap to kill stupid adventurers, I left to look at the airship.


From the base of the site to the top of the airship, only a few Aetherblade minions stood in our way. Any important figures (like this Scarlet person that Mai Trin mentioned) were not stationed here. It made me wonder where the real base of the Aetherblade operations lay.

Before I returned to Lion’s Arch, I noticed a bunch of people below me gathering around a box. Yelling back and forth through the distance, they told me to “jump and get this sweet loot!”.

nss-ship top

It was still a tricky jump, but I made it down to the chest and reached in to get my share of the treasure. In my hands I held an extremely well made set of shoulderpads.


Back in Lion’s Arch, I spoke with Mai Trin in her Fort Mariner jail cell. Unsurprisingly she refused to reveal any details. It’s doubtful the Lionguard will learn much from her, but at least she’s out of trouble for now.

sky pirates-mai trin jail

I was speaking with Kiel when Magnus interrupted us to congratulate her on being nominated for Captain’s Council. Ashford’s spot need to be replaced, and he entered her name in the next council election. Even the matter of being a ship’s captain is taken care of, since he commandeered the abandoned Aetherblade airship for her!

To be honest, I’m happy for her but also a bit jealous. I wonder if Trahearne and the pact will let me use an airship sometime.

sky pirates-kiels promotion