Aug 282013

Emissary Vorpp’s Teleportation Facilitator brought us inside the Crown Pavilion. Watchknights that took on the shape of other creatures were no where to be seen. Scarlet had turned to the Queen’s arena into her “playhouse”. Arriving with Rox, Braham, and four of my friends in the empty bandit section, we made our way westward to the Flame Legion area.

scarlets fun house-entry

Hearing the high pitched screams of someone in trouble, we ran past Aetherblade pirates to find Scarlet cooking Lord Farren in a cauldron.

It was difficult to put out the flames roasting Farren and defeat the Twisted Watchknights and Aetherblades, but we did it. Several emissaries that were held hostage were rescued as well. Rather than face us directly, Scarlet pouted and  teleported to another section of the pavilion.

scarlets fun house-farren

Sneaking past the centaur area, we approached Scarlet again. Hobo-Tron and Marcello Digiacomo were being forced to play (terrible) music for her amusement. We had to lure Scarlet into artillery fire to weaken her defenses and bring her near death. Predictably, she teleported away again.

scarlets fun house-running2

At the ogre section, Scarlet awaited us with a smirk on her face and armed with an ogre club. Her wild but heavy swings were easy to dodge. Our encounter was brief and she teleported away yet again.

scarlets fun house-room3

Standing proudly at the center of the pavilion, Scarlet teased us into another fight. Bombs were placed around the circle, and it was to our advantage to lead her into them.

scarlets fun house-scarlet

Her speech (before teleporting away) after our victory was troubling:

Alas, you have defeated me! And thus I have learned the error of my ways. I shall be good and sweet and nice from now on. Just kidding! But you do have my full attention now. I don’t think you’ll enjoy it. I keep a list of people that need sharp reminders about how insignificant they really are. And you just jumped to the top of it. It was a well-earned victory, and you should be proud. You should be happy. No, I mean it: you should be happy. So be happy. Right now. Because shortly, very shortly, your life is going to be nothing but tears. See you soon!

Scarlet has yet to reveal her intentions or goal. She just travels Tyria and terrorizes its denizens. Our efforts have driven her out of the Crown Pavilion, but she’ll be back to terrorizing us shortly. I’ve heard she is a genius, but I can’t understand why she uses her advanced knowledge to harm everyone.

Countess Anise, Logan Thackeray and the Seraph showed up to secure the pavilion once Scarlet’s magical lock down was released. Logan took the opportunity to scold Anise for keeping him in the dark about the Queen’s protection. Countess Anise was proud of her plan that kept Queen Jennah safe. It didn’t matter to her whether it hurt Logan’s feelings or not. As an awkward onlooker, it was disappointing to see Logan act so unprofessional in public (especially in front of Rox and Braham).

scarlets fun house-end

Finally free from Scarlet’s grasp, Hobo-Tron was kind enough to inform me that Marcello was working with Scarlet the whole time. Life on the street must be tough if you want to sell out your fellow performers. Wait, no… I take that back. That’s all too predictable.

scarlets fun house-hobo2