May 282013

Thanks to the Consortium, refugees from the Molten Alliance attacks can have a new home on Southsun Cove. Considering the Consortium’s track record, I was suspicious about all this. I traveled to their “resort location” and spoke with the new inhabitants.

Nearby Port Pride, several tents and basic amenities were being built (fire pits, washboards, etc).

pre tss-refugee homes

All of the refugees were busy at work, so I decided to speak with the tourists on the shore, looking for insight into the Consortium’s plans. All I gathered were shallow complaints. For instance, this young man named Rochestur, was complaining that the arrival of these drifters was ruining his vacation.

pre tss-rochestur

Then I spotted a familiar face. With a smirk on my face, I rushed up to Subdirector Noll and began asking about the refugees. Upon making eye contact, his face changed from the look of deep boredom to that of someone with food poisoning. After going through the standard Consortium dialogue, he cut me off mid-sentence in fear of being demoted.

With little to criticize the Consortium on, I eagerly awaited for their grand opening (and no doubt their call to arms for adventurers soon after!)

pre tss-noll

Several days later, an asura gate linking Lion’s Arch to Southsun Cove was finally constructed. I remember hearing about plans for one, back when Canach was supervising the mission.

tss-la portal

Sure enough, the portal connects us to Pearl Islet, exactly where Canach planned the asura gate. This is also where he originally shipwrecked.

Lionguard Inspector Ellen Kiel was on duty to supervise tourists and (now) unruly refugees. Apparently between the not-so-friendly wildlife and disagreements between the Consortium and refugees, Southsun Cove is in chaos.

She asked me to help her restore the peace on Southsun Cove, by whatever means necessary. There were numerous reports of refugees rioting and attacking the Consortium, and several other refugees had gone missing and needed to be escorted back to their homes. Additionally, crazed wild life had also began to attack the new refugee establishments and had to be culled.

When I asked her why the refugees had begun to riot, she mentioned a contract that they signed. The Consortium who had “offered” homes to refugees on Southsun Cove, also made them all sign a contract (which they no doubt, didn’t look at). The situation made me feel uneasy, but I was determined to find a solution.


All this bad news didn’t sit well with me. To make the best of a bad situation, I hit the beach and ordered up a cold beer.

While I was trying to relax, I overheard a familiar and irritating voice. It was Lord Farren from Divinity’s Reach, chatting up Lady Kasmeer Meade. To be honest, I’ve only had a few brief interactions with Farren.  It’s not that he’s a terrible person, just a complete idiot.

Both Farren and Kasmeer happily conversed with me about their stay on Southsun. (A nice change considering our differences in status.) In a moment of poor judgment, Farren had picked the wrong contestant in Divinity Reach’s Fanciest Cat Show. Apparently it’s a very serious competition, and he was run out of town! Kasmeer on the other hand, came here to relax. I suspect there are other reasons, but I’d rather grill the Consortium than a woman who’s already putting up with Farren’s small talk.

Considering the company I’d have to keep at the beach, I decided to help Kiel by starting my patrol of Southsun.

tss-beach bar

Passiflora all over the island had started to bloom. I couldn’t help myself from stopping and picking out a few passion flowers for my collection. These lovely flowers were quite rare before they had started to bloom. In fact, I don’t recall ever finding any during my first trip through here.

tss-blooming passiflora

Walking up the north east coast, back to Port Pride, I walked into a fight with a group of refugees. The main instigator kept calling in more reinforcements as we tried to beat some sense into him. Thinking back on the fight, I wondered if some of these refugees pick fights because they just love to brawl.


As I headed towards the Driftglass Springs, the new Consortium homestead came into view. There are two other housing areas, but this one I found to be the most impressive.

tss-refugee housing

Snooping around the island, I came across several notes. The best bit of information I’ve gathered, is that the Consortium is worried about the refugee settlers contracts. They’ve directed Noll to move them for safe keeping.


Suddenly, the homestead was overrun with karka and reef riders. They kept coming at us, wave after wave. When the dust finally settled, Kiel came by to speak with the surviving settlers. Henrika confessed to working with a sylvari, under the agreement that they would regain possession of their contracts and be able to leave. There’s no doubt “that” sylvari is probably Canach.

tss-homestead overrun

At the Scoured Plains, I found that Researcher Levvi was once again working with the Lionguard. Her current project involves testing plants to reveal what has been aggravating monsters on Southsun. At first I was eager to accept her request to collect “a few” samples, until I learned that it would take me all around the whole island.


Knowing that the karka hive was a dead end, I decided to take the sample detector there first and then work my way around the rest of Southsun. Stepping inside, my heart sank when I spotted yellow clouds and strange objects in the distance.

tss-strange hive1

Walking up the spiral passage gave me a better look at these odd tentacles. I definitely don’t remember seeing these on my first visit to Southsun Cove. Something very strange is going on here.

tss-hive tentacles

I kept looking around the hive, but every corner of the hive was sprouting tentacles. Occasionally I’d see some appear to sprout from karka shells.

tss-karka shell tentacles

Nervously, I collected the sample inside the karka hive and backed out. Hopefully Kiel believes my report on the hive. It looks to be much more serious than a few disgruntled settlers or Consortium employees.

tss-sample ancient karka

Using Levvi’s sample collecting gun was a hassle. It’s really difficult to follow the pinging sound of a new sample, when people around you are rioting, wildlife is attacking you, and adventurers are rushing around looking for anything that’s not nailed down they can sell.

However my wandering did bring me to a pleasant sight. Owain’s crew members finally received a proper burial, and a memorial was constructed in their honor.


Collecting the last samples took me to some odd corners of Southsun. Like this one, perched on top of a rocky spiral in Driftglass Springs.

tss-driftglass sample

With some free time to explore, I scoured the island for any other signs for Canach or the Consortium. Deep in the Bakestone Cavern, I spotted an interesting passage way I had never noticed before. Try as I might, the hot jet streams didn’t let up and I couldn’t go any further. Aside from that, I did notice at Camp Karka, there were several tentacles growing around the new homestead. I’m not sure what the cause is, but it can’t be good!

tss-blocked passage in cavern

Oh, and did I forget to mention a new sport was being staged here? In Crab Toss you try and hold onto a crab as long as possible. Meanwhile, other people and karka are rushing towards you, trying to knock the crab out of your hand.

I couldn’t imagine how the Consortium could enrage the Southsun wildlife anymore, but they’ve certainly reached a new low.

tss-karka toss