May 152013

Word of refuges fleeing a new threat spread quickly. Throughout Lion’s Arch, Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel, people affected by the change poured their hearts out to any that would listen. I spoke with a norn woman by the asura gates in Lion’s Arch. Her requests seemed a bit vague, and she wasn’t clear on what was causing the influx of refugees. To better understand the situation, I set off to visit Hoelbrak, the Black Citadel, and the areas refugees were fleeing from.



Several makeshift camps had been setup in Hoelbrak to house the refugees. No one really opened up or spoke about what exactly was happening.

As a side note, I’m a bit puzzled why more citizens of Hoelbrak are not aiding us. Surely if the norn boast of being the best craftsmen in Tyria, they could nail together better shelter for their brethren. Apparently there is no glory in being humble among the norn.

FF-prelude refugee camp

Leaving the confines of Hoelbrak and taking the northern path in Wayfarer Hills, I stumbled a cross a grim sight. Corpses of refugees littered the long road connecting this area to Diessa Plateau. I won’t pretend to understand norn customs, but do they not at least bury their dead? With little time to attend each body, I gathered their trinkets and gave it to a refugee representative. Hopefully their possessions will reach their next of kin.

FF-prelude refugee corpse

Checking in at the Black Citadel, the surviving charr were in the same situation. Driven from their homes in the north, everyone was too exhausted and traumatized to tell the whole story. I was encouraged to take the northern road in Diessa Plateau and search for survivors.

FF-prelude charr camp

Everything was the same here, more dead refugees and no sign of a perpetrator. I continued to collect and return their trinkets to refugee representatives stationed along the road.

FF-prelude collector

Over the course of several days, I came back and took another look at Diessa Plateau and the Wayfarer Foothills. Strange jets of air spotted the landscape along the same northern road the refugees took.

FF-prelude jet event

As the refugees became more organized and well rested, several of them setup camp in Lion’s Arch. At first I was really confused why they would travel here (besides making their plight more well known), but then I spotted a Consortium administrator. She mentioned that they were looking to relocate refugees to Southsun Cove. I don’t know how they plan to make money off of refugees, but I wouldn’t put anything past the Consortium.

Several of the refugees that I spoke with had lost something precious in their rush to escape. I took it upon myself to find their lost trinkets while I investigate the new threat. It brought a smile to my face to reunite them with a piece of their old homes.

FF-LA refugee camp

Days later, portals began to appear across the Wayfarer Hills and Diessa Plateau landscape. In a strange twist, dredge and flame legion charr appeared out from these portals. They attacked anything in sight, but the influx of adventurers investigating the area were more than enough to push them back.


Upon looking closer, the dredge and flame legion are combining their technologies. Even their armor seems to be a mix, drawing influence from Sorrow’s Embrace and the Cathedral of Flames.

They do not seem to pose a great threat at the moment, but I wondered where their base of operations was located. Finding their lair would enable us to bring the battle to them.

FF-dredge carriers