Jun 282013

Thanks to the Captain’s Council, Lion’s Arch is hosting the very first Dragon Bash event. Inspired by the original Dragon Festival in Cantha, this new celebration mocks the malicious dragons, as opposed to honoring them.

Once I stepped through the Divinity’s Reach asura gate that connects to Lion’s Arch, my eyes widened at the sight of a colossal holographic dragon. It was modeled after the Shatterer to be precise. I had heard about the bash in advance, but the scale of the celebration really impressed me. This hologram, was anchored to a projector at the Lion’s Court, which is replacing the famous lion statue for the bashl.

dragon bash-celebration

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Jun 102013

Days after investigating the rise in attacks on Southsun Cove, the Lionguard pinpointed Canach’s location. Ellen Kiel requested my assistance immediately at the Bakestone Caverns. I could tell by her letter, that apprehending the sylvari secondborn would be no easy task. And upon arriving at his hideout, my suspicions were confirmed when I spotted mines throughout the cave. However thanks to Researcher Levvi’s efforts, her new mine detecting gun would enable me to detect and deactivate his traps.


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May 282013

Thanks to the Consortium, refugees from the Molten Alliance attacks can have a new home on Southsun Cove. Considering the Consortium’s track record, I was suspicious about all this. I traveled to their “resort location” and spoke with the new inhabitants.

Nearby Port Pride, several tents and basic amenities were being built (fire pits, washboards, etc).

pre tss-refugee homes

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