Oct 142013

The increase in paranormal activity attributed to Mad King Thorn caught the attention of the Durmand Priory. Magister Tassi asked for my assistance in uncovering six key moments during the Mad King’s lifetime.

Tassi modified a device to reveal and commune with the dead. Their testimony would fill in the gaps of Mad King Thorn’s history. All this knowledge would be collected and shared in a new book: Mad Memories.

Using the Candy-Powered Matter Meter provided by Tassi, I revealed a spirit right next to us. Serene was born to the noble Brody family of Kryta. She died when a horse became startled and it’s kick fatally wounded her. In the few moments she lived, “Os”, Oswald Thorn was seen from a distance, grinning at the act.

During her years as a spirit, she thought on how Os loved to prank and fed animals hot peppers to see them suffer. I also learned that Oswald had a kinder brother named Ewan, which Serene admitted to having a crush on.

halloween 1325-mad king lore tassi

Following vague clues, I discovered the first spirit under the sewers of Lion’s Arch. Samson often played with the Thorn brothers. One day when Ewan was took sick to join in, Samson was attacked by a giant wurm. Even though Os was armed with a sword, he refused to help. He fled, leaving Samson to die.

halloween 1325-mad king lore1

I found the spirit of a servant to Lady Lyrica named Tynna. She told me of the odd love triangle between Lady Lyrica, Ewan Thorn, who Lyrica fancied, and Oswald Thorn who desired her out of jealousy of is brother. Oswald corned Lyrica in a dark alcove and demanded she play “Prince Oswald Says”. When Lyrica slapped Oswald, Tynna intervened as Oswald was about to retaliate. Later on, Oswald chased Tynna into an alleyway and beat her to death for getting in his way earlier.

halloween 1325-mad king lore2

In the Shaemoor cemetary, the I met Prince Ewan Thorn, Oswald’s older brother. He was tricked into walking in a giant spider’s web. After his death, nothing stood in the way of Oswald as he became heir to the throne. Ewan said he only wanted the best for his brother, and until that moment, he didn’t understand why others hated Oswald so much.

halloween 1325-mad king lore3

In Kessex Hills, Lady Lyrica spoke of her brief marriage to Oswald. His charm was all it took to convince Lyrica that she could still carry out Ewan’s good work for Kryta. But Oswald’s wickedness showed it’s face soon enough, and she fled to be with her sister to avoid him. During the ride, she was killed by mercenaries sent to kill her. During her last moments, she heard them laugh about taking her jewels and King Oswald’s money as payment.

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In the Provernic Crypts of Gendarran Fields, I met with Lord Humphrey Faren’s headless spirit. During Oswald’s coronation, he spoke out from among the crowd and accused Prince Oswald of killing his father. Out of fear or obedience, the crowd didn’t prevent Humphrey’s quick arrest. After the ceremony, King Oswald’s first decree was to punish all traitors, and he ordered Humphrey’s execution.

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After the first six ghosts that Tassi expected to find, researched revealed that another six had additional information. I took the Candy Powered Matter Meter along to follow clues and reveal more ghosts.

At the ruins by the Ascalon Settlement, Cashel stood as a reminder of King Oswald’s cruelty. Son of a merchant, Cashel was rounded up with others accused of stealing food during a famine. Punishment for their crime was the removal of both hands. Whether guilty or innocent, they were deformed and allowed to live as an example.

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North to the Harathi Hinterlands in the Holy Ruins of Demetera, Fenn only spoke a few words. Famine had taken many lives, and I watched as he relived the moment where he offered food to his starving wife Maisie, who in turn insisted they give it to their children. After uttering those words, Fenn cried out as Maisie passed away before his eyes.

halloween 1325-mad king lore7

On a sunken ship in the Bloodtide Coast, Seamarshal Bennu told me of Oswald’s marriage to his daughter Zola. He refused, but caved in to the King’s pressure. Later when Oswald tired of his bride, he ordered Zola to be burned at the stake. Seamarshal Bennu led his forces to attack Lion’s Arch and lost. In the years he spent as a spirit, Bennu never regrets the day he lead an attack on Oswald.

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Back in Harathi Hinterlands, I traveled to the Seraph camp in Greystone Rise. Rufus told of Oswald’s descent into madness and the new nickname given by his people: Mad King Thorn. He laughed wildly and told terrible jokes.

During the Tax Massacre, King Oswald ordered all tax evaders to be rounded up, and to wear a pumpkn over their head during their public hanging.

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To the east, I put out the flames plaguing the ghost Portia. She spoke of a time, when King Thorn set a whole village on fire. He forced Portia to watch, so he could see her suffer and spread what had happened that day. Unfortunately she didn’t reveal the name of the village to me.

halloween 1325-mad king lore10

Lastly, in Sparkfly Fen I met Wynn and and an unnamed villager. She was among those that plotted and succeeded in killing King Oswald. During the ambush, Oswald was caught by surprise and unable to cast his magic. In his last moments, he vowed to return and torment them. They divided his body into boxes, which they all took and buried in separate locations. After his death, they went after his wife and son to end the bloodline. With only a cousin left to inherit the throne, they allowed him to rule with the fear of death as a consequence if he ruled as Oswald did.

Wynn told me that the magic containing his remains has been weakening over the past 500 years. Although his magic and presence is stronger during Halloween, he’s still tied to his Mad Realm.

With the collection of 12 stories, I returned to Tassi in Lion’s Arch. The true horror and devastation of Mad King Thorn has been brought to light.

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