Jun 102013

Days after investigating the rise in attacks on Southsun Cove, the Lionguard pinpointed Canach’s location. Ellen Kiel requested my assistance immediately at the Bakestone Caverns. I could tell by her letter, that apprehending the sylvari secondborn would be no easy task. And upon arriving at his hideout, my suspicions were confirmed when I spotted mines throughout the cave. However thanks to Researcher Levvi’s efforts, her new mine detecting gun would enable me to detect and deactivate his traps.


Kiel and a refugee, Marcela stayed back as I proceeded to disarm the traps. Looking around my surroundings, there was an increasing amount of blooms growing throughout the cave. It seems that Canach used a fervid censor to spread these toxins that aggravated the Southsun wildlife. That is what we’ve been able to gather between Levvi’s sample analysis and Kiel’s interrogation of the refugees.


Suddenly I was toe-to-toe with Canach, and his new appearance caught me by surprise. His face, hair, and outfit were completely different. He wore fused gauntlets. I didn’t have much time to speculate on it back then, but he must have become involved with the Molten Alliance attacks at some point and claimed a pair of their gauntlets for his own.

There were so many questions I wanted to ask him, but first I had to subdue my target. It took me a few minutes to lure Canach into a mine I had just reconfigured, so that it would trigger on him. Eventually he yielded.


Now helpless, Canach was apprehended by Ellen Kiel and we learned that all of the contracts had been marked as well. He made it seem like his whole plan was to free the refugees, but it’s apparent that he’ll go to any length just to bring down the Consortium.


After Canach’s imprisonment I returned to his lair in an effort to gather more clues. Along with a few other curious adventurers, we entered to find a golem programed by Canach. It used a sophisticated defense shield that could only be bypassed by triggering certain mines. Having been thoroughly irritated by the trouble Canach had put us all through, we made short work of his golem, Subdirector NULL.


Later on that day, I walked with Ellen Kiel, Noll, and some settlers to deliver the marked contracts to a ship. As you can imagine, the settlers were reluctant to help. But because the contracts are marked, creatures on Southsun will continue to harass everyone.


As it sailed away, an explosion erupted from inside the ship and it quickly sank.


Noll was furious that the Consortium contracts had gone up in flames, but Kiel was quite pleased with herself. She pinned the unfortunate event on Canach, but it’s clear she had a hand in relieving the settlers of their obligation. Captain Magnus showed up to check up on our progress and was happy that the situation on Southsun resolved itself. He even gave Kiel some time off to relax before the Dragon Bash festival started.


With Canach’s arrest, and the settlers contracts destroyed, hardly anything on Southsun Cove has changed. Sure the settlers have stopped rioting, but then a ferocious “karka queen” began terrorizing the island. I’ve encountered her, and with a crowd of sympathetic adventurers, killed her, but the island is still populated with aggressive karka. It’s a mystery to me why anyone would want to live here with the constant threat of being brutally killed. I’m sure if the Consortium could get the rights to it, we’d soon be seeing tourist attractions on the beaches of Orr.

Wrapping up my stay on Southsun Cove, I still have questions with no answers in sight. Those strange tentacles I saw growing in the karka hive seem completely unrelated to anything else happening here. I can’t convince myself that their arrival could be any good. Until there is anything new to discover on this forsaken island, I’ll resume my plans to celebrate at the Dragon Bash and break out the rice wine.

queen karka