Oct 142013

To mark the special occasion of Halloween, and the 250th year since Mad King Thorn had been seen, Lion’s Arch was redecorated. The famous lion statue took on a deranged and spooky appearance, children of all races ran through the streets demanding candies, and pumpkins were placed throughout for carving.

halloween 1325-entry

Zommoros’ mystic forge was redesigned into a giant cauldron. Ascending it’s stairs and jumping into the mysterious liquid transformed oneself with a Halloween costume (like a skeleton or spider).

halloween 1325-mystic forge

The celebration continued throughout Tyria, but the history behind Halloween had a special meaning for Kytans. Mad King Thorn was a real king of Lion’s Arch. During his rule, he was especially cruel to his people, and fought against Palawa Joko

Death didn’t stop Mad King Thorn from reappearing on Tyria during Halloween. 250 years ago, his influence during that day was said to reach far beyond Tyria and into Elona as well. A cult devoted to him, known as the Lunatic Court has been working throughout the years to break the seals that imprison him on the Mad Realm.

On my visit to Queensdale, performers still dress up as Thorn to carry on the tradition.

halloween 1325-mad king performer

Something about the 250th year since Mad King Thorn’s departure troubled people. Fears grew as doorways into an unknown realm appeared across the land.

halloween 1325-spooky door

As the night of Halloween drew closer, Mad King Thorn’s power grew and we were granted access to his Mad Realm. Inside we discovered several “games” designed by Thorn, all made with the intention to frustrate players for his amusement. Reapers Rumble pitted two teams against each other. Lunatic Inquisition challenged “villager” players to survive, and “courtiers” to kill and convert villagers into more courtiers. Most sinister of all the games was Mad King’s Clock Tower. Starting off as a group at the base of a clock tower, you had to quickly ascend the tower by jumping up and over debris, all while the very platforms you were standing on dissipated into the mist below.

Mad King Thorn shows a kindness towards players in his game; no deaths are permanent. But this seemingly generous offer to keep trying just provides more sick entertainment for him.

halloween 1325-lunatic inquisition

Finally after 250 years, Mad King Thorn erupted from where the famous lion statue was built in Lion’s Arch. Still a few days ahead of Halloween, he towered over the festival-goers, laughing and challenging us to jump inside the fountain and fight him.

halloween 1325-mad king1

On the day of Halloween, Mad King Thorn grew bolder and commanded us to follow his orders or be killed. With no choice (other than to leave), we all began to dance for the Mad King when he ordered it.

halloween 1325-mad king says1

True to historical claims, Mad King Thorn told us awful jokes. Failure to laugh at them would enrage Thorn and result in your temporary death.

Next, we were forced to play Mad King Says. It’s a simple game, but the consequences of messing up are fatal. When he speaks a command, you must follow it if he prefaces it with the word says. He often tricked us by giving commands without starting with “Your Mad King says…”. Anyone who couldn’t pay attention to the game was killed, but resurrected again for the next round of Mad King Says.

halloween 1325-mad king says3

As a reward for entertaining him, we were transformed into creatures of Halloween and given witch’s hats to commemorate his return to Tyria on 1325 AE.

halloween 1325-mad king says4