Jun 282013

Thanks to the Captain’s Council, Lion’s Arch is hosting the very first Dragon Bash event. Inspired by the original Dragon Festival in Cantha, this new celebration mocks the malicious dragons, as opposed to honoring them.

Once I stepped through the Divinity’s Reach asura gate that connects to Lion’s Arch, my eyes widened at the sight of a colossal holographic dragon. It was modeled after the Shatterer to be precise. I had heard about the bash in advance, but the scale of the celebration really impressed me. This hologram, was anchored to a projector at the Lion’s Court, which is replacing the famous lion statue for the bashl.

dragon bash-celebration

All eight of the council members came to the Grand Piazza to converse with party-goers. Each one of them had information and tips on the scheduled festivities. Citizens could expect to: compete in the Dragon Ball arena, bet on Moa Races, smash dragon pinatas, bash holographic monsters from holoprojectors throughout Tyria, collect dragon coffers, watch a special fireworks show at dawn, and attend the dragon effigy burning celebration. In addition to the long list of activities I could look forward to, there were rumors that one could acquire holographic wings and a dragon helmet.

dragon bash-council

Lionguard Ellen Kiel was on duty, guarding two dragon effigies. No matter how nicely I asked her, she wouldn’t let me through the barricades. It’s obvious she takes her job very seriously, but I thought it was worth a shot.

dragon bash-kiel effigy

Moa Races were setup between the Postern and Farshore Wards. Each round, you could bet on a dragon-helmed moa for 50 silver. The difficulty of betting on any race is picking the right one. Perhaps it was foolish of me, but out of all five I kept picking the “mystery moa”. Eventually after I won three times, I cashed in my chips and walked away. Other betters stuck around, hoping to save up their winnings to exchange it for a miniature helmed moa racer.

dragon bash-moa races

Another festivity which I enjoyed were the dragon fireworks placed around the city. Setting one off created firework-designs in the sky, such as this quaggan, but also familiar icons like the guardian’s symbol.

dragon bash-quaggan firework

Amidst the buzz created by the bash, I heard rumors about a mountain in Gendarran Fields generating odd noises. Taking a look for myself, I could see steam and pipes coming out of the mountain. At first I tried to scale the mountain, but it’s cliffs were too steep. I brought this to the lionguard’s attention.

The Molten Alliance’s facilities had been destroyed, so I doubt this has anything to do with them. If it turns out to be a problem for Lion’s Arch, I’m sure every adventurer in Tyria will get a frantic letter in the mail soon enough.

dragon bash-gendarran mt pipes

Later on I waited with a full crowd of people at the Grand Piazza for the firework show. At dawn, fireworks were set off around the holographic Shatterer for several minutes before the dragon fell dramatically from the sky to a roaring applause.

dragon bash-final dragon fireworks


For the next phase of the bash, citizens were invited to attend the burning of dragon effigies. Captain Magnus introduced all of the  council members, and greeted the different representatives of each race that came. They were brought here to burn memorials of those who had fallen against the dragons. It was quite a sombre reminder.

Just as the last representative, Garrot Ambercowl tossed his memorial on the pyre, a strange electric charge shot out of the effigy! It killed Garrot, and struck several nearby council members as well! Everyone began to panic.

dragon bash-effigy sabotage

The wounded council members were loaded onto a caravan and Keil and I escorted it to safety. Along the way, we were assaulted at every turn by a new enemy. Aetherblade pirates, with strange outfits and weapons fought alongside Inquest golem.

dragon bash-effigy new threat1

Just as the Molten Alliance had been known for using fire and machines, these Aetherblades heavily used electricity. As we approached the Lionguard fort, their numbers finally started to dwindle. They must have deployed a small unit to disrupt the bash, instead of trying to overrun the city.

dragon bash-effigy new threat2

After that disaster, I received a letter in the mail from “E”, to seek out Marjory Delaqua at the Dead End bar in Divinity’s Reach. It was mentioned that she would help me investigate the crime. I don’t know who this E is, but it made sense to seek help from an objective outside source.

Arriving at the bar, a man in a hurry passed by me. He looked like Logan Thackeray. My suspicions were confirmed when I approached Marjory and overheard her conversation with him. Not wanting to seem like a sketchy eavesdropper, I quickly introduced myself and mentioned that “E” had sent me. Marjory’s critical stare and serious expression faded.  She quickly discussed our plan before agreeing to meet me in Lion’s Arch at the crime scene.

Lady Kasmeer was also at the bar, and turned out to be working with Majory. (Thinking back to Southsun Cove, I remember Lord Farren and Lady Kasmeer mention someone named “Jory”.) I don’t know why they’ve teamed up together, or why a noble like her would want to be in such a seedy bar. It’s been far too long since I’ve looked into the politics of Divinity’s Reach. Perhaps they’re investigating something here as well.

dragon bash-the dead end

Arriving back at the crime scene, Kiel wasn’t happy to find Marjory pushing her services on their Lionguard investigation. But that all changed once Marjory brought out an interesting piece of asura technology. Her investigative kit, called a Tassi Box would reveal an aura on anyone with the arcane residue found at the effigy.

The Tassi Box didn’t pick up any residue off the council members, but it made Mai Trin glow brightly. She had been at the celebration, and tried to revive Garrot during the chaos. Perhaps she picked up the residue from his corpse, so we turned our attention elsewhere. The cultural representatives all failed to show up to the investigation, so it was my job to track down and haul them back to Lion’s Arch for questioning.

dragon bash-scene of the crime

The first of the five representatives, Vorrk the ogre turned up dead in Lion’s Arch. But the others had returned unharmed to their homelands. It took a lot of convincing to make them cooperate with our investigation, because as it turned out, without fail all of them had been threatened prior to the effigy celebration. With the promise of clearing their names, they agreed to return back to Lion’s Arch.

dragon bash-suspects

Back at the crime scene, scanning each of the cultural representatives proved fruitless. Once I used the Tassi Box and Mai Trin again, she glowed brightly. Without even bothering to come up with an alibi, she revealed herself to be an Aetherblade pirate wanting to free up a seat on the Captain’s council for herself.

dragon bash-suspects2

After revealing her true intentions, dozens of Aetherblade pirates appeared and attacked everyone on the stage. Our battle was brief, but it gave Mai Trin the opportunity to flee.

With the investigation wrapped up, Marjory was heading back to Divinity’s Reach while Kiel and the Lionguards tracked down the Aetherblade hideout. I don’t know what spurred Mai Trin and the Aetherblades to infiltrate the Captain’s council, but hopefully we can put a stop to them soon enough.

dragon bash-mai trins escape

While waiting on news of the Aetherblade hideout, I traveled back to the Dead End bar to thank Marjory. She was pleased to see me, and finally confirmed that it was Logan that visited earlier. Previously, he was a client of hers for the Case of the Councillor’s Cancellation.

Even though she’s a bit odd, it was very enjoyable working with her and Kasmeer. Of course it’s always refreshing to speak with someone in Divinity’s Reach who doesn’t appear to be paid of by any shady ministers.

dragon bash-the dead end2