May 142013

I arrived at the entrance to the karka hive, only to discover that the Lionguards and their demolitionists were charging on ahead. The path spiraling into the hive was packed with all sorts of people and veteran karka. The importance and urgency of the situation had drawn adventurers from every corner of Tyria.

Our given task was pretty simple: escort the demolitionists to predetermined locations and stand guard while they set the charges.

TLS- demolition squad

The difficult part was waiting for us outside in the Driftglass Springs. We had to push the ancient karka back into the now rigged-up hive. We surveyed the area to find something large enough to topple over the monster. Once we spotted an enormous tree, everyone quickly began working away at it’s base and cut it down while the ancient karka was still in position. Even as the trunk of it fell onto the ancient karka, swarms of veterans and lesser karka charged in to stop us.

Continuing to push it back to the hive, we used the terrain to our advantage. The many steam vents that litter the Driftglass Springs landscape were used to hurl large rocks at the ancient karka.

It was a struggle to keep the ancient karka from charging at us, especially since it kept calling in more reinforcements. We saw an opportunity to trigger a rock slide by blasting away at an unstable cliff side. It was nerve wracking to be surrounded by all those karka, and at the same time try and pull off the rock slide without finding myself in a rocky tomb!

TLS-move ancient karka to hive

Writing it all down makes it sound easy, but pushing the ancient karka back took hours. I’ve never had the displeasure of having to fight with a group against an enemy that could withstand so much damage. It makes me shudder to think about what the other dragons are capable of.

TLS-move ancient karka 2

The final push into the hive meant we had to fight off seemingly every karka reinforcement available. They had even managed to shoot webbing all over our explosive charges, which we had to destroy while also defending ourselves at the same time.

TLS-move karka 3

With no where else to go, the ancient karka was corned at the base of the hive, directly over the a weakened floor. Not to suggest that we didn’t give the aforementioned events all of our effort, but at the height of our battle, everyone mustered up their strength and gave everything they had to kill the ancient karka.

TLS-final fight in hive

Incredibly as the ground gave way into the lava below, the ancient karka still had the energy to claw it’s way back up.

TLS-final death throes

But it died just after reaching the surface, leaving this spectacular petrified husk. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief knowing all of our efforts finally paid off. Seeing it try to crawl back, if even just for a moment had me really worried!

TLS-ancient karka husk

The Lionguards and Consortium arrived to cheer and celebrate our victory. As a reward for our efforts, everyone that showed up to the event received some rare and exotic items, including a container made out of karka shells that was quite suitable for holding my adventuring supplies.