May 132013

Soon after the Consortium had begun advertising their resort location across Lion’s Arch, a new threat emerged. Karka (large crab-like creatures with tough shells) attacked and destroyed several hallmarks of the city, including the famous lion statue.

Asking Consortium representatives around their gift shop proved futile. They kept changing the subject and suggested that I purchase something or leave immediately. I decided to meet the Lionguard to see what they’ve discovered so far.

TLS-consortium gift shop

Speaking with Lionguard Inspector Ellen Kiel, we discussed the recent karka attack and the lack of resources at her disposal to investigate it. She was hoping to gather more information on the Consortium. But the majority of her force is dispatched to deal with the rise in karka attacking the Krytan coastline. She requested that I search the area, especially wreckage and cargo on the shores, for anything suspicious.

Prying through the wreckage on the shores of Lion’s Arch, I collected a soggy bag with the Consortium’s logo on it. This bag would have been adrift for at least a week, so the consortium must have been up to something long before this karka attack.


Kiel then asked me to present the evidence to Subdirector Blingg. At first he tried denying the Consortium had any involvement. But under the pressure of receiving all the blame, he quickly gave us a map piece and directions to his supervisor.

TLS-blingg and fotm

Subdirector Noll tried to resist our efforts to uncover the truth, but yielded once we outnumbered his body guards. Shifting the blame once again, he pointed us to their leader Canach. During our brief conversation, he also mentioned that the Consortium was in full damage control. If this coincides with finding that soggy bag that washed ashore, then the Consortium provoked the karka and neglected to warn anyone until it was too late.


Noll’s information led us to the odd Kessex Hills town of Garenhoff. We found Canach hiding on the second floor of a residential home. Initially he resisted arrest, but yielded after being pressured and beaten into submission by a mob of adventurers. After his arrest, he was ready to answer for his crimes and gave us his written account of the situation:

This is the sworn statement of Canach, Secondborn.
While under contract to the Consortium, I began Preliminary exploration and development of the island later known as Southsun Cove.
During the initial survey, my team located an unknown species of plant. My contract precluded me claiming or profiting from any animal, mineral, or magical resources on the island, but plant life was not mentioned. I therefore ordered my team to collect samples of the plant as they mapped the island and set up an asura gate to facilitate access to Southsun Cove.
I cannot swear to what provoked the karka attack on Lion’s Arch, but I expect it was a combination of my team’s presence and their activities on the island.
I regret my actions and the harm they have caused. As a show of good faith in the hope of ending the karka threat, I have enclosed a copy of the initial survey map and all accompanying notes.


It’s clear that Canach will be punished, but I hope that the Lionguard do not turn a blind eye to the Consortium’s policies and involvement.


While waiting to board a ship for Southsun Cove tomorrow, I followed up on a rumor to speak with Miyani about the karka. She hardly knew anything we hadn’t already discovered, but her djinn master Zommoros had a surprise for us. This odd djinn that inhabits Lion’s Arch and powers the “mystic forge” is very old and recalled encountering the karka back when the world had a different shape. He mentioned that we should question the old aquatic races for information on how they have dealt with the karka. Unfortunately, he stopped taking my questions and ordered that I go. Miyani apologized and excused herself.


On my way to seek out a quaggan and hylek in Caledon Forest, I found another karka infestation on these Maguuma shores. The constant wave of enemies made me question what we were up against. Karka are pushing out onto the Maguuma and Krytan coastlines in great numbers, with no sign of abating. They do not seem to be very intelligent, but are starting to overwhelm us.

TLS-karka assault caledon

Quaggans are friendly and known to be quite helpful to adventurers, especially when it also benefits them (such as driving away the dragon’s minions). However, Pastkeeper Saballa had grown a bit forgetful of her life back in the deep sea. It took a while to find items that would remind her of home, but eventually she recalled enough information and gave us a magic scroll that provided with much needed details on the karka race.

TLS-pastkeeper saballa

Gukumatz the hylek gave us a list of ingredients needed to concoct a powerful potion. We had to scour the swamps of Caledon Forest to gather ingredients with the right mix of fire, lightning, water and earth. Afterwards, he presented us with an alchemical potion which could “melt the stone bark off a petrified tree”!


As is custom with every largos I’ve encountered, if you want any information or look at them the wrong way, you’ll soon find yourself in a fight. Fahd al’Eshadhi acknowledged he knew something about the karka, but refused to even speak with me until I bested him in combat. Considering about five other adventurers also had the same request, we quickly overpowered him. Our reward was a piece of karka shell, and advice about the alchemical potion I had just received. The largos know of secrets to make the karka vulnerable, but our potion should also do the trick. We then learned that as the karka age, their shells become impenetrable. Perhaps Levvi can mass produce enough of this potion to pierce through the ancient karka that originally attacked Lion’s Arch.

TLS-largos fahd

With the magic scroll, alchemical potion and karka shell in my possession I returned to Head Researcher Levvi in Lion’s Arch. She was a bit too excited to thank me for my efforts, but I am sure the finished product will help us defeat the karka.

TLS-levi and kiel