May 162013

Life for the refugees has gradually improved since I first met them. More forces are being allocated to defend Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel from the Molten Alliance between the dredge and flame legion.

I traveled to the Black Citadel with my friend Alexander, hoping to speak with Rytlok Brimstone about the situation. He was already in a meeting with a young charr ranged named Rox. She was being assigned a job to secure a hatchery in Nolan.

Wanting to get in on the action and see what the Molten Alliance was doing in Nolan, I spoke to Rox after her meeting. She was delighted to receive some help, and even encouraged me to bring others.


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May 152013

Word of refuges fleeing a new threat spread quickly. Throughout Lion’s Arch, Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel, people affected by the change poured their hearts out to any that would listen. I spoke with a norn woman by the asura gates in Lion’s Arch. Her requests seemed a bit vague, and she wasn’t clear on what was causing the influx of refugees. To better understand the situation, I set off to visit Hoelbrak, the Black Citadel, and the areas refugees were fleeing from.



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