Oct 142013

Some friends and I took up Mad King Thorn on his challenge, and entered the Mad Realm.

ascent to madness-entry

Greeting us from afar, his tone suggested that our serious effort to weaken him was just another game for his amusement. This Ascent into Madness was laid out in such a way to kill careless adventurers. Chains connected the various floating platforms in this realm. Misjudging a distance between them would have you fall to your death for his amusement.

ascent to madness-1

Because he is lord of this realm, his magic allows him to appear before us as a towering giant. As we fought him, he bewitched us into following meaningless commands, like dancing for his amusement. Eventually he grew bored of us and descended to another platform.

ascent to madness-2

Spooky glow-in-the-dark spiders intercepted us as we chased Mad King Thorn. They were easy to kill, but it hindered us and kept us away from our goal.

ascent to madness-3

Mad King Thorn’s vanity shows itself when you further inspect his realm. Circular platforms that at first glance seem to be a random arrangement of stones, are actually designed with his visage.

ascent to madness-platform

As we battled him between the layers of this arena, his powerful magic grew more deadly and troublesome for us. Scarecrows would suddenly appear by us and crows pecked at us while Mad King Thorn continued his assault.

ascent to madness-4

Having “bested” Mad King Thorn, he left this portion of the Mad Realm and left us a reward. As payment for letting him torture us for his amusement, we were compensated with Halloween candies, Trick-or-Treat bags and items from the Black Lion Company. I don’t know how the Mad King got his hands on the latter, but it’s not worth jumping to any conspiracies. Perhaps they were stolen or the Lunatic Court blackmailed Evon.

ascent to madness-5