Jul 012013

The Aetherblade danger to Lion’s Arch was closer than I ever expected. After Mai Trin’s escape, the lionguards discovered one of their lairs. It’s located within the city itself, under the waterfall at Diverse Ledges. Along with Kiel, I traveled to the retreat with my friends to capture Mai Trin for her treachery.

aetherblade retreat-entry

During our first encounters with the Aetherblades, I took a closer look at the banners they threw down in battle. Their organization uses a specific emblem of a gear with a sword overlapped.

  aetherblade retreat-banners

It looks as though the Aetherblades have been building up a defense here for some time. Our path up wooden walkways was trapped with electric walls. One false move and the current would shoot through your body and leave you dying in agony on the floor.

atherblade retreat-electric fields

Not far in, we found these strange holographic images of a woman dancing to soft music.

aetherblade retreat-holo dancer

Further on, we entered a large room with Aetherblades on either side manning cannons. Aside from being inaccessible, the cannoneers were shielded from our ranged attacks. We had to endure the cannon fire and defeat all of the Aetherblade goons that were sent in to kill us. After defeating their forces here, they gave up and we moved on.

atherblade retreat-cannon fire

A force field temporarily halted us from infiltrating their lair. Kiel was able to deactivate the field from a nearby control panel. With the ease it took to get inside, it felt as if they were just showing off their technology.

aetherblade retreat-barrier1

The room turned out be a research lab for an asura named Frizz. Initially the encounter was not difficult; we took out his henchmen and focused our weapons on him. Then he unleashed electric fields, which circled around the room. It’s easy to avoid them, but Frizz also deployed golems, whose attacks pulled us into the electricity. It was a dangerous struggle, but we defeated every last golem. With that, Frizz said he will now unleash his greatest weapon… but then he was crushed by his broken field generator.


I’m not sure what sort of researcher uses electric walls in their experiments. Perhaps this is the asura behind the Aetherblade’s electric attacks. Or maybe Frizz was just an assistant. Since this is just their retreat, I’d think that they would have another lair somewhere else. If their only base of operations (besides sky ships) is in Lion’s Arch, it should be easy to eliminate all of them.

aetherblade retreat-electric walls

The retreat’s cave system opened up, revealing the Sea of Sorrow’s coast to us. It’s a small channel of water, compared to other portions of the sea. But from this angle, it goes directly towards D’Alessio Seaboard. If I recall correctly, 250 years ago that area was covered with the White Mantle, mursaat, and undead. I have yet to hear much of how the lands have recovered, but anything near the Dominion of Winds is kept quiet anyway.

aetherblade retreat-light and rain

I also found an Aetherblade cache in an abandoned cabin. It’s just a small box containing some goodies, but there may be more of these wherever the pirates have been.

aetherblade retreat-cache

Our sheltered path was narrowed as we reached a stretch of rough waters, with only a bridge and small islands to  cross. Kiel and my friends were in a rush to apprehend Mai Trin, but I was completely entranced by the Sea of Sorrows. There’s just something about watching the rocky waves, the rain in my face and the sound of thunder in the background that captivated me.

aetherblade retreat-rough waters

Deeper inside the retreat, our only way forward was to jump on pressure pads (just like the ones from Dragon Ball). It’s a bit unnerving at first, (especially if you make the mistake of looking down) but we mastered it quickly.

aetherblade retreat-pressure pad

Mai Trin was finally in our sights, and all that separated us was an easily disabled force field. We spotted an air ship in the back, and some cannoneers stationed around the area.

aetherblade retreat-barrier2

As we entered, I overheard Mai Trin talking about someone named Scarlet, and how upset they’d be. Then her assistant First Mate Horrik stood beside her and readied for battle. He was a norn with a huge cannon that shoots either fire or electric attacks that hit the ground and create fields of pain.

Due to the defensive shield around Mai Trin, we had to lure her into Horrik’s electric cannon fire. This meant we spent a lot of time in or around fire and electric fields on the floor. If that weren’t agonizing enough, Mai’s swift attacks with a rapier blade left dozens of small cuts on our skin that bled profusely.

aetherblade retreat-ship and fields

Being barraged by cannon fire came as no surprise, because we spotted them inside the room. Each time we brought Mai Trin closer to death, she’d retreat and order the cannon barrage. By the third time she commanded it, the duration of the fire really tested our endurance.

aetherblade retreat-cannon fire2

Horrik fell quickly after we defeated Mai Trin. Unfortunately we were not able to stop the second ship from escaping during the chaos. Now that Kiel has arrest Mai, hopefully we can get some answers out of her once she’s in prison. At the very least, the citizens of Lion’s Arch now have their eyes turned to the sky. If there are any sky ships or Aetherblades found in Tyria, it will tip us off.

aetherblade retreat-arrest