Listed in chronological order:

1325 A.E.


Ascalon: Black Citadel, Plains of Ashford, Ascalon Catacombs, Diessa Plateau, Stronghold of Ebonhawk, Fields of Ruin, Blazeridge Steppes, Iron Marches, Fireheart Rise, Citadel of Flame

Shiverpeak Mountains: Hoelbrak, Wayfarer Foothills, Snowden Drifts, Lornar’s Pass, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Sorrow’s Embrace, Timberline Falls, Frostgorge Sound, Honor of the Waves

Kryta: Divinity’s Reach, Queensdale, Cadecus’ Manor, Kessex Hills, Lion’s Arch, Gendarran Fields, Harathi Hinterlands, Bloodtide Coast, Southsun Cove

Maguuma Jungle: The Grove, Caledon Forest, Twilight Arbor, Rata Sum, Metrica Province, Brisband Wildlands, Sparkfly Fen, Mount Maelstrom, Crucible of Eternity

Ruins of Orr: Straits of Devastation, Malchor’s Leap, Cursed Shore, Arah

The Mists: Fractal of the Mists

Holidays: Halloween (Mad Memories, Ascent to Madness), Wintersday

Historical Events: The Karka Invasion, Southsun Cove, Defeating the Ancient Karka

1326 A.E.


Holidays: Dragon Bash, Queen’s Jubilee, Halloween, Wintersday

Historical Events: Northern Refugees, The Razing, Molten Facility, Flame and Frost Aftermath, Return to Southsun, Last Stand at Southsun, Aetherblade Retreat, Second Aetherblade Site, Bazaar of the Four WindsCutthroat Politics, Clockwork Chaos, Scarlet’s Playhouse

Super Adventure Box: World 1, World 2