About This Blog


Hello, my name is Dorothy. This blog is the follow up to my original A Tyrian Odyssey, tracking the adventures of D.W. Kirin in the Guild Wars game.

A Tyrian Odyssey is written from the perspective of my Krytan ranger Mirianda Winter. As the descendant of D.W. Kirin, she explores the world of Tyria to continue the legacy.  Each blog entry on an explorable area contains lore and screenshots from the game.

I delve into the lore as much as possible. The main lore of Guild Wars 2 remains untouched as I retell it in the blog entries. I stick with official lore found in the game itself and the extra official content (blog entries, forum devs). My character also expresses her opinions on the official lore, but I make it clear when she is speculating.

My goal was to share the sights of Guild Wars 2 with everyone: from new comers to veterans. Upon completing the game, there are a lot of things you can overlook. My blog makes it easy to unearth those details.

Want to contact me or send feedback? Leave a comment below on this post or feel free to send an e-mail to: mail@atyrianodyssey.com

Need a full version of any screenshot (2560 x 1440 BMP file) from the blog? Send a request to: mail@atyrianodyssey.com

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