Jul 312012

While I was enjoying my vacation after our victory against the Great Destroyer, far away in a secret location, a sinister plot had been set in motion. Zinn the asura golemancer and apprentice of Oola, took a power crystal provided by a mysterious client to create the golem named R.O.X. And upon it’s completion, the golem’s evil programming was set in motion. It forced Zinn to create two more golems, N.O.X. and P.O.X. to help it kill three important Tyrian royal figures (Princess Salma, Prince Bokka, and Emperor Kisu).

Fearing for his reputation (and hopefully the lives of those to be killed), Zinn made a new golem named M.O.X. to deliver his request for heroes to stop his evil golems. Malory and I found his golem outside of Lion’s Arch after word spread of its arrival. We were more than willing to help Zinn, but as an added bonus he would reward us with M.O.X. and a large sum of money upon completion of his task.

Acting quickly, we took on Zinn’s task and traveled to the Temple of Ages to stop R.O.X. from killing Princess Salma. Acolytes in the temple offered to pray for us to gain an advantage in the coming battle, but we declined. R.O.X. would not likely overwhelm us, and I prefer overcoming my challenges without divine intervention.

Soon after our preparations had been made, golems stormed the temple. They didn’t walk in, but fell down from the sky! I don’t know what kind of magic is responsible for such a dramatic entrance. Perhaps it has to do with the mysterious golem contractor Zinn met.

R.O.X. finally appeared just as the last of the lesser golems stopped raining down on us. Given what M.O.X. looks like I didn’t expect it to be so huge. R.O.X. towered over our newly made golem friend.

With all our might focused on R.O.X., it didn’t take long to damage it enough to deactivate. Then I had the tricky job of reaching into its control panel and removing the sinister power crystal. Zinn didn’t include any instructions for this step, but I managed to remove it successfully on my first try.

Next, we rushed to Vabbi to foil N.O.X.’s plans. To our surprise, it arrived at Bokka’s palace as a “gift” from Zinn. They thought it was designed to re-enact the asuran settlement of the Tarnished Coast, and didn’t believe me about its real intentions. But after a brief shouting match they let us into Bokka’s Amphitheater with little time to save the prince.

On our arrival we found Prince Bokka running around, trying to flee N.O.X. and a dozen smaller golems placed around the amphitheater. To make matters worse, occasionally N.O.X. would power up for a deadly attack which could potentially kill the prince. Malory and I had to keep our eyes out for this, so we could interrupt the golem before it was too late.

After a few painful minutes in battle, it took enough heavy, irreparable damage and deactivated. I quickly reached into its control panel and removed the power crystal just as before. Hopefully our fast victories will save us enough time to reach the last golem in Cantha.

Arriving at the Marketplace, we inquired Guardsman Makuruyo about any recent golem sightings. He informed us that the Jade Brotherhood recently purchased one in the hopes that it would eliminate their rivals, the Am Fah gang. The guardsman provided us with some Jade Brotherhood costumes to infiltrate their guildhall and deactivate P.O.X. before it’s original programming activated.

Outside the gates of the Marketplace a full on war between the two gangs was taking place. It was easy to make our way through it all because they were too busy fighting amongst themselves to notice us.

Making our way to the back of the Jade Brotherhood guildhall, we found them trying to order P.O.X. to kill the Am Fah. As we approached them and shed our disguises, the golem became active and soon turned against it’s Jade Brotherhood owners. Malory and I attacked until P.O.X. deactivated, and then we quickly extracted the power crystal before leaving the scene.

Now to receive our reward for saving Zinn’s reputation, we had to locate his secret underground lair. M.O.X. wasn’t much help, but the documents he presented us, which contained Zinn’s task held the final clue. Attached along with the pages were photographs, the last of which is a picture of the Falls. To reach our destination we made preparations in (the now lonely) Ventari’s Refuge before enduring the long walk to Zinn’s lair.

I matched up the picture Zinn provided to a wind rider infested corner of the Falls. He mentioned it was an underground lair, and with no where else to go we had to dive into the waters below with M.O.X. (who of course went first).

Zinn’s lair was filled with incomplete, deactivated golems. It was also nearly identical to Oola’s Lab. I realize that he learned a great deal about golemancy from her, but it’s funny to see that he duplicated the same working conditions for his lair.

Zinn was quite generous with our reward. Not only did we get to keep M.O.X., but we also received 10,000 gold, some strange summoning stones, and some tonics. I also saw the golem he salvaged parts from to fully optimize M.O.X.. This, uhh very “special” golem G.O.X. is large and powerful, but severely lacking advanced A.I. At least no one has to worry about it assassinating someone important anytime soon, or comprehending any orders given.

Friends: Malory K.
Prized Spoils: M.O.X., 10,000 gold, 10 Automaton Summoning Stones, 10 Sinister Automatonics