Apr 262010

Besides the war in Kryta, a few other news-worthy events have occurred recently, such as the trial of Zinn.

I am personally very good friends with many important Asurans, most of which were at the trial today. However the manner in which they organized and carried out the trial is unfair. I suppose the White Mantle would rejoice at the no-nonsense approach to punishing the guilty, but even a Kaineng City bureaucrat would oppose these Asuran methods.

In less than an hour, they put together a trial and found Zinn guilty, mostly due to “Reckless instigation of mayhem WITHOUT a permit”. The punishment agreed upon by the Arcane Council was banishment from all Asuran areas for 10 years. My thoughts on this punishment are mixed. If they wanted to keep him out of trouble they should have just imprisoned him, because now he can roam freely and cause more problems. On the other hand, the trial was a sham and no one should have themselves judged in such a way.

Back in the Eye of the North while checking up on my hall of monuments a few times I overheard a conversation between Gwen and Lieutenant Keiran Thackeray. They talked for quite a while and also quite often. One day I overheard Lt. Thackeray invite Gwen on a date, and when I left the outpost he pleaded with me to help him. The things he required were not easy to get: a birthday cupcake, drake kabob, hard apple cider, and votive candles. Sensing my hesitation to help with something that seems so unimportant, he gave me tips on where to find the items.

When I returned after a few days, he gave me some paper wrapped gifts of his own in exchange for the treats needed at the picnic. He didn’t waste a moment and ran back in and asked Gwen to accompany him on the picnic. I don’t know if it’s because he is trying to hard or what, but Gwen denied his request and after their argument, Lt. Thackeray left with the most frustrated and angry look I’ve seen on a guy so far. Perhaps if he stays persistent he may have a chance with her. It is best not to rush these things, you know?

~ 1079 A.E.