May 192010

Not too long ago, Zen Daijun was quiet and peaceful. People came here on pilgrimages seeking enlightenment. After the plague, a miasma covered this holy place and the tortured humanoids known as Afflicted took over. One of the students that I formed a bond with on the island: Yijo Tahn was stricken by the plague and I was forced to kill him. Although many bad things have happened to me since training to become an adventurer, at least I was able to clear the miasma with the help of Zunraa and restore some peace to Zen Daijun.

A crane and water buffalo gathered by this grand temple. Two guardians statues are at the foot of the stairs. I remember always seeing monks chanting at this temple before the plague descending on this area.

Here is the ornate bridge leading to the entrance to the Daijun Library. I thought I would browse the scroll shelves for a bit.

I felt spoiled being able to visit Daijun Library all by myself. Since there are no foes in this area or nagging headmasters, I had plenty of time to view which ever scroll I desired.

The last time I was in here, Master Togo identified the mark of Shiro Tagachi’s guild symbol on the floor. Everyone was shocked by this discovery as Shiro died 200 years ago.

Shrines of Zunraa are a common sight in Zen Daijun. If you ring the bell, a mighty kirin that guards this holy place will be summoned. Kirins are my favorite creature in all of Tyria, so I was ecstatic to have Zunraa follow me and chat. I really wish that I could have one in my company at all times, but I will have to settle for a miniature.

It’s easy to miss this small shrine because it is not within view of the library where everyone goes.

From Kahnju Overlook you can get a nice view of Seitung Harbor.

Nearing the entrance to Ghachu Cave, the scent from a cool breeze hinted to me that it connected to the coastline.

The scarcity of people made me feel uneasy when I noticed light shining down on a gate. So many have lost their lives to the plague. Only Zunraa is beside me to enjoy this sight.

The dark sky gives this area an ominous appearance. Fog on the water makes me feel like I am in a strange dream.

Leaving the cave, the view in front of me was wonderful. To my right: Daijun Library….

And to my left, a waterfall and rocky mountains.

Cranes can often be found grooming themselves (or playing) in Tei Lake.

Gazing upward, a crescent moon shines through dark clouds over snowy mountain peaks.

Due to fears over the plague, no one will be living in the houses of this village for some time.

Another angle of this abandoned village.

Nearing the end, I found only a single boat docked at a pier. Zunraa didn’t say anything, but I could tell that it felt saddened by the recent events.

At the end of my exploration, I bid Zunraa farewell. While it watches over Zen Daijun, I will continue my adventure and seek out the source of this plague. No one wants to see the rest of Cantha become corrupted like this holy site.

Prized Spoils: Hanging out with Zunraa
Outposts: Seitung Harbor, Zen Daijun outpost (but they wouldn’t let me in)
Exits: None
Friends: Zunraa