Sep 062010

At the Astralarium, I chatted with my friends Cver and Loreal. My travels across Istan so far caught their attention, and they were eager to join me in Zehlon Reach. I wanted to stay at the outpost longer, but a scholar shooed us away. According to him we were being too loud and he couldn’t concentrate on his studies. I apologized and exited into the wilderness with my friends.

Monstrous bugs and Corsairs are the only living beings among the ruins here. I thought it was tragic that so much of Istan looks like an earthquake hit it. They should really restore the ancient buildings and make the area “livable”. Just because the era of the Primeval Kings is over, it doesn’t mean that the people of today should live in their shadows.

The situation reminded Cvar of Ascalon. I’m sure he would love to see Ascalon rebuilt as well but knows that it will probably never happen.

Deeper into Zehlon Reach, land transitions into shallow waters. Special boats are made by the locals to sail it. Like much of Tyria, if you want to go anywhere you need to be accompanied by brute force. Something as simple as collecting swamp flowers becomes difficult when a family of skale are trying to rip you limb from limb.

We spotted some Istani common folk and approached them to trade stories and talk for a bit. Unfortunately these were cultists and their “boss” Behba the Hardheaded gave them orders to kill us.

Moving on, we found an area with strange bottles. I later learned the true purpose of these containers. According to an Elonian adventurer that I met later on in Jokanur Diggings, an evil mime stole voices and entrapped them in the bottles we found here. Absurd as that may sound, the mine was a powerful mesmer and proved to be very difficult to defeat.

It may be cruel of me to think this, but I would be grateful if that mime stole Danika zu Heltzer’s annoying voice. *chuckle*

On the coastline there is a sizeable port with a variety of Istani ships. Corsairs in the area keep the Shorewatchers very busy.

The abundance of clouds were a welcome sight. If it had been clear today, the bright sky would have been an eyesore.

The villagers here had very little to say to me. I suppose they are quite suspicious of outsiders. For all they know I could be a spy sent from Kourna!

Beyond this shallow water passage, I spotted a lighthouse in the distance. Its importance to this area is obvious.

Beyond this village, large pillars can be seen in the distance. They are another remnant from the past.

By the entrance to the Jokanur Diggings outpost, we noticed this strange engraving. An ominous purple light pulsates where it was carved into the building.

Ending my exploration of Zehlon Reach, we headed for the area that transitions into the Cliffs of Dohjok.

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item, necromancer tome
Outposts: The Astralarium, Jokanur Diggings
Exits: Cliffs of Dohjok
Friends: U. Loreal, Cver D.