Jan 262011

Reaching Vabbi has turned into quite the adventure. When the plan was first proposed, I thought it would be easy to gain entry. I couldn’t have guessed that the only way in was through a cavern filled with Corsairs, Kournan guards and a demonic beast. In Vabbi, I found myself at the Wehhan Terraces outpost. A Vabbian guard welcomed me and mentioned that a priestess of Lyssa was looking for me, and that she headed outside into the Yatendi Canyons. When I met up with her, she explained that I needed to goto the Chantry of Secrets and consult with the Order of Whispers, where I learned that they too want to rid the world of demons, and by extension, Varesh. Throughout this time, Master of Whispers was in our party but refused to comment on the situation. At the moment, Alarion M. is helping me re-examine Yatendi Canyons to learn more about Vabbi.

Not far from the comforts of Wehhan Terraces do you find Varesh’s demonic friends. These Margonites have a long history, but I won’t delve into it so soon. Besides, I am sure that as I get closer to Varesh, more details will surface. Master of Whispers was kind enough to remind us of their weaknesses. By pledging to help his order, we can learn the secrets to penetrating their defenses. I have already become a “Legendary Spearmarshal” from my work within the Order of the Sunspears so far. But my progress on become a better “Lightbringer” has just begun.

While the Margonites have a very striking appearance, the rain and rock beetles of Vabbi have a very striking voice. A high pitched, gibbering can be heard from them constantly in battle. I actually quite like these little guys, and almost wish that one would let me tame it.

Inside a small village (filled with Margonites), a Whispers Informant reminded me of the benefits of helping his order. For each Margonite I killed, he would help me “move up” in the organization. Eventually they would teach me some super secret techniques that do even more harm to Abaddon’s creations. I wasn’t about to turn down the offer to gain reputation as a “Lightbringer”. Who wouldn’t want to brag to their friends about being a professional demonslayer?

Not far from our cloaked friend, we noticed a small forging area complete with weapon and shield molds.

Alarion and I took a break from walking to sit on the village’s balcony and admire our surroundings. Teaming up with a fellow ranger is always enjoyable. Very few other professions take the time to slow down and appreciate the natural world.

Oh yeah, that village we’re in is joined with the Fortress of Jahai. Not that it matters very much, Varesh is on the move and no good would come out of sneaking inside. It’s a good thing Margrid was not with us, she’d want to search the fortress for gems and other valuables. Normally she is a reasonable person, but you can’t expect a Corsair to turn down an opportunity to get rich.

Walking away from the Fortress of Jahai, and the small village around it, we encountered more Margonites, Kournan guards and beetles. I believe Varesh has moved most of her forces out of Kourna and into Vabbi.

When the wind picks up, the Yatendi Canyons make a strange noise as the wind passes through the narrow spaces. Just one of many new sights and sounds that I get to experience in this new region.

Alarion and I concluded our exploration at the Chantry of Secrets. It’s filled with members from the Order of Whispers, along with monuments to the gods. Just like in the Temple of Ages and Zin Ku Corridor, you can gain entrance to the Underworld and Fissure of Woe by kneeling at either Grenth’s or Balthazar’s statue. I’ve yet to cover either of those areas, but at the moment I’m trying to stop Nightfall from occurring so it’s easy to understand why I’ve put that off for now. While I was deep in thought about the Order of Whispers, my new challenges in Vabbi, and of Varesh and Abaddon, Alarion waved good bye. I thanked him for coming along and invited him to come along any time he’d like.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items
Outposts: Wehhan Terraces, Chantry of Secrets
Exits: Vehtendi Valley
Friends: Alarion M.