Mar 172010

It’s so nice to finally be in the Southern Shiverpeaks, The Crystal Desert is not the worst place to visit, but I prefer cooler weather.
I left from the busy shipping outpost of Port Sledge to explore Witman’s Folly with my good friend Erolin and three new friends: Bonke the Paragon, Akela the Elementalist, and Nijntje the Dervish.
Whitman’s Folly may even be a tribute to Marshall Whitman (although they left an H out). Along with his friend Marshall Tasca, they are known as legendary explorers of Tyria. I’ve even heard rumors that you can still find M. Whitman deep within Sorrow’s Furnace. Unfortunately, it is well known that M. Tasca is dead though.

Looking back on Port Sledge, trying to remember if I left anything important in my vault box.

These trees have some interesting white bark. I’ve heard from the locals that even when this bark is wet, it can still burn.

I was scouting up ahead for Azure Shadows and found a (mostly) harmless black bear.

Even with the sun visible, it doesn’t make me feel any warmer.

Surprisingly this Krytan female known as Vania Sewell, a collector of Azure Remains, does not see the huge benefit of wearing more clothing in a cold and snowy climate! Hint: You won’t freeze your butt off! Maybe if I visit her again in a few years I will be talking to a giant ice cube that for some reason needs to collect Azure Remains.

Our paragon, Bonke was inspiring us to fight these Grawl with his shouts. I can’t imagine standing near him would be good on my ears though.

I can get a glimpse of a Droknar’s Forge structure from here. The sight of it made my male friends start conversing about Dwarven Ale, and how they’d like to get some. When I reach Talus Chute, I will have to talk more in depth about this famous city and of it’s ales.

Posing with my friends and our summoned Celestial Tiger, I thanked everyone on a job well done. Even if the Grawl were way too easy to defeat. I couldn’t have done it without Erolin, Nijntje, Akela, and Bonke.

Prized spoils: Two golden items and one mesmer tome
Outposts: Droknar’s Forge, Port Sledge
Exits: None
Friends: Erolin, Bonke I., Nijntje, Akela X.