Feb 252011

While Margrid, Goren, and I were trying to find Prince Bokka and Prince Mehtu in the Hidden City, my other friends were working on a different task. They chose to follow Master of Whispers and help him fight back Varesh’s army just outside Citadel of Dzagon’s gates. During their travels with him, they learned a lot about his order. Like the fact that the Order of Whispers was Turai Ossa’s elite spy network, that they were responsible for sealing away Palawa Joko, and that Master of Whisper’s real name is Jurah.

My friends helped Master of Whispers defend the Chantry of Secrets and the Citadel of Dzagon from Varesh’s army. Just as my group was aided by Prince Bokka’s bodyguard Goren, Master of Whisper’s group had one of Prince Bokka’s actors: Norgu. This might seem really strange, but he’s a talented Mesmer and wanted a chance to help out (or take the spotlight). I thought that one of Prince Ahmtur’s generals would have helped out instead of Norgu. It was surprising to find out that Lieutenant Murunda had a deep appreciation for Norgu’s “talents” and saw no reason to aid in the battle.

It will take time for the princes to convene so they can discuss their role in all of this, so I have some free time to explore a bit more of Vabbi. Elwin and our new paragon friend Bambi have joined me in today’s exploration of the Wilderness of Bahdza.

Master Engineer Jakumba and the Master of Whispers told our party a bit more about the siege cannons that defend the citadel. It sounds like they had a tough battle with Varesh’s army. I almost wish that I had been here instead of fighting my way through djinn to reason with two cowards.

I decided that we should have a look around the area before meeting with Prince Ahmtur. I’m sure that he is a busy person, and would be much happier to hear us report that his region is a bit safer now. I didn’t mention this before but, this prince’s job is to keep the rest of Vabbi safe from the monsters that lurk beyond his citadel. If a lazier man were given his task, Vabbi would be over run with monsters.

We found all of the typical monsters of Vabbi here: skree, harpies and behemoths. Before we had dissolved Varesh’s plan to boost the heket’s forces here, there was a large heket population too.

Walking in the areas with little to no sunlight gave us this wonderful sight, and a chance to cool off in the shade.

The more I explore our world, the more I wonder about what lies beyond its boundaries. If there are any monster cities out there, I’d love to visit them.

We spoke with several of the citadel’s notable guards. Kahturin Hovohden told us that the Kournans had received siege technology from Cantha! Another guard, Johan Garham mentioned that there is an island full of beetles that have been rejected by their mothers.

Parts of the citadel have depictions of people on the walls. Its nice to see art in Vabbi that is not gilded or otherwise flashy in design.

Elwin, Bambi and I reported our exploration of the area to Prince Ahmtur. He was quite pleased that we pushed back the monsters from his citadel and reassured us of his commitment to stop Varesh. We didn’t break out into a party or crack open the Vabbian wine this time; it was just a moment of peace for the Prince and the Vabbian army. It may not seem like much, but to them it means a lot. I’m sure he has lost a lot of good people over the years, and not having to sleep with one eye open for one night is such a relief!

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: Dzagonur Bastion
Exits: Resplendent Makuun
Friends: Elwin L., Bambi T. B.