Jul 152011

When I revisited some of the places I traveled through to eliminate the afflicted, I started hearing more about the Ministry of Purity and the Yuudachi family. I overheard quite a bit, so I will only highlight a few interesting bits of information in my journal entry.

By the entrance to Nahpui Quarter in the Wajjun Bazaar, peasants were talking about how Minister Reiko, the head of the Ministry of Purity, wanted to use her organization to prevent more tragedies from happening. I didn’t know what tragedy they were referring to.

In the Shenzun Tunnels, peasants wanted to join the ministry after seeing the good they’ve done and finding inspiration in the words of Reiko and Ashu. I’m not sure who Ashu is though.

In Tahnnakai Temple near the exit to Zin Ku Corridor, two priests were talking about the Yuudachi family tragedy that happened seven years ago. It seems Ashu is from the Yuudachi family and lost a father to the plague.

At the Kaineng Docks, peasants said that the ministry would not do anything about the shiro’ken. One of them speculated that the ministry wasn’t inclined to protect the palace.

In the Raisu Pavilion, Minister Jaisan was suspicious of the Ministry of Purity’s progress. His attendant spoke favorably, but Jaisan scoffed and talked about all the useless things he does for the people.

Even the Luxons and Kurzicks were busy chatting about the recent events.

In Gyala Hatchery, two Luxon peasants were upset that the ministry didn’t consider them good enough to be Canthans.

And in Ferndale, two Kurzick peasants were talking about the effects of the Jade Wind fading. They considered how they would have to adapt to living in a real forest again, but laughed at the thought of Luxons sinking into the watery Jade Sea.

In Kinya Province, Van Qi and Yukiko were discussing the story of Yuudachi family’s missing daughter. She went missing during the plague and her entire family was killed in Tahnnakai Temple except for the son: Ashu. No one knows if the daughter was kidnapped, killed, or fled somewhere else.

I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did about the Yuudachi family from the conversations of strangers. Why didn’t the ministry workers tell me more about their organization? I agreed to help the ministry clear afflicted out of Cantha, but it seems like they are overstepping their jurisdiction. You can’t prevent all tragedies from happening, and eliminating one group like the afflicted or Am Fah only opens the door for another set of monsters or people to move in. I also wonder about the Ministry of Purity’s rapid progress. Why are they allowed to move so quickly without paperwork? Perhaps Emperor Kisu has become depressed since Togo’s death and is paying no attention to the Ministry of Purity’s methods.