Nov 122009

It’s a beautiful day in Kryta, unfortunately no one was able to tag along on this expedition of Watchtower Coast.
The beaches here are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen since Shing Jea Island. But due to high monster activity, not a lot of people come this way. I’m not even entirely sure if people live in the tower-complexes here.
Along the beach I counted four complexes, and several more further inward. If only the rich and famous of Kaineng City knew of this place! I’m sure they would pay a lot of money to live here. Although just about anything has to be better than living in the current crowded living arrangements back in Cantha. (This is pretty much why I’d rather be exploring than settling-in back home!)

Lets discuss what has happened to Kryta since the Searing.
When the kingdom of Kryta was threatened by the Charr horde, their king fled! Were it not for Saul D’Alessio, Kryta might have been obliterated.
Once a poor man with a gambling addiction, his fortune quickly changed with a chance encounter. While being exiled for stealing, he wandered for days and then stumbled across a city. The inhabitants of this city were none other than the Mursaat, powerful beings that even I don’t fully understand. Saul mistook the Mursaat for gods and went back to Kryta to spread his new found faith.
He established a new holy order: The White Mantle. With the aid of powerful beings and an army of his own, he fended off the incoming Charr assault. It cost his life, but he will forever be remembered as the man who saved Kryta.

I once helped the White Mantle, only to turn on them and join the Shining Blade. But looking back on it all, I often wonder if the right choices were made. Being able to tell the difference between right from wrong, good from evil… is one of the biggest dilemmas an adventurer must face. Often times, people will out right lie to use you for their own sinister plans!

At first I didn’t know what to make of these poles. Then I remembered seeing them in a guild hall with the hunter’s isle theme! In that location, they’re used to display guild cape emblems on a flag.

Often times when I’m exploring an area, a lot of things get in my way. But Watchtower Coast has been just too easy!

Here’s a good look at interesting rock formations that I’ve only seen in Kryta so far.

What an odd place for a farm! After fighting through mergoyles and tengu I tried talking to Farmer Fanella to find out why he still tries to live in such a dangerous place. At first I thought that he was ignoring me, but maybe he’s lost the ability to talk. Perhaps he moved here just to be left alone.

Prized spoils: One golden item, one mesmer tome
Outposts: Beetletun, Divinity Coast
Exits: None