May 262010

Lately people have been showing up very often to help me explore Kaineng City. I spotted Catifsh J., Claire P., and Harlequin H. waiting for me in the marketplace, along with some new faces: J.J.W. and Pang T.T. However I don’t know if so many people would be so excited to follow me into the Underworld or perhaps the Fissure of Woe. I’m hoping to delve into those at the end of my exploration of Cantha.

I am getting ahead of myself. For now I will show my friends around Wajjun Bazaar and teach some gang members a lesson.

Not far from the Marketplace, we found a scholar’s house. Besides scrolls and tomes, there is a strange object on the desk.

Commoners look on as Ho Dim amazes them with his magic tricks. I am glad that we moved on, because I could tell by the look in Harlequin’s eye that he wanted to “show him up”.

The area of Wajjun Bazaar is also home to a large Jade Brotherhood headquarters to the east. Where you find one gang you’ll surely find the other lurking about nearby too. On the west side of the bazaar, Am Fah intimidate the commoners and lay traps for city guards and adventurers.

Fog obscures our view of the Jade Brotherhood headquarters.

Their guild specializes in trading illegal goods and on one occasion I heard they planned to assassinate the emperor. They are so arrogant to think they deserve to rule Kaineng City.

After defeating their leader Quufu, we noticed this lovely gazebo. Even if I do not like the Jade Brotherhood, I must admit that they have a fine taste in headquarters.

You can get a nice view of the grand apartments in Wajjun Bazaar from the Jade Brotherhood’s headquarters.

Moving on to the portion better protected by the city, commoners, armorers, and ministry workers carry out their business.

Stairs lead to a walk way that lets you walk on the rooftops. Am Fah have been known to hide in the shadows there, and the city guards do not confront them. Perhaps the commoners fear the gangs so much that they hardly wish to complain to city officials.

Nice view from a bridge on the rooftops.

On the west side of the bazaar at ground level, we found Am Fah gang members.

Lintao may seem like just an ordinary collector giving you something nice for random junk you find on the floor, but he collects putrid cysts in hopes of selling them as souvenirs! I scolded him but he didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Closer to the Nahpui Quarter outpost, no Am Fah bothered us anymore. Instead, a group of Mantids stood in our way of exploring the area. They are usually seen in grassy areas, so this was unexpected.

Exploring the bazaar took me quite a long time. It’s a big area and I kept walking into the Am Fah’s traps. Luckily I had J.J.W., Claire P., Halequin H., Catfish J., and Pang T.T. to keep me company.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items
Outposts: The Marketplace, Nahpui Quarter
Exits: The Undercity, Xaquang Skyway
Friends: J.J.W., Claire P., Harlequin H., Catfish J., Pang T.T.