Feb 252010

When I asked some of my friends to help me explore in the desert, I expected them to swiftly decline! So I was pleasantly surprised when both an old friend of mine and a new one offered to help out so readily. For today’s exploration of Vulture Drifts, I’ll be accompanied by Satan The Sin and Aeoea X.

After leaving the outpost of Dunes of Despair (one of three Ascension trial areas), Aeoea pointed out these ruined buildings and suggested that perhaps the ancient Elonians resided here.

A bridge adorned with huge bones! It’s strange how something as simple as a bridge is given an undead characteristic here.

I found a total of two bleached bones while combing the area for interesting sights. Here are both of the journal entries I found on them:

“I led my people into this vile desert with the hope of a new life. What we have found instead is a place that seems almost to delight in trying to break us. I have seen entire families devoured by creatures that can only have come from the nightmares of Grenth himself. I have watched children waste away from disease as their parents stood by helplessly. Fewer than half of us remain, and those who still live have lost hope.”


“My grandfather told me stories of Turai Ossa when I was only a little boy. In life he was a legend. In death he is little more than a needy, wanting spirit. It’s all his fault that I’m in this predicament. If I don’t find him soon …”

Reading this last journal entry made me remember the first time I met Turai Ossa in ghost form. It was during my trials for ascension. He helped me in the Dunes of Despair, Thirsty River, and Elona Reach missions as the Ghostly Hero.

While walking around trying to find a group of patrolling monsters, these two wurms erupted from the sand dunes and tried to eat us! Even though we were being attacked, I couldn’t help but feel thrilled to be fighting side-by-side with another ranger.

Whenever Satan The Sin was not helping us quickly dispose enemies, we found him hiding in the shadows. Although this may seem like something an assassin would do, I have a feeling he just wanted to stand somewhere cooler!

We spotted these intriguing bone structures ahead of us. Besides the living scarabs, hydras and drakes of the desert, only the remains of creatures can be found.

I celebrated with my friends Aeoea and Satan after thoroughly exploring Vulture Drifts. Having such nice friends always puts me in a good mood!

Prized spoils: Three golden items
Outposts: Dunes of Despair
Exits: Prophet’s Path, Skyward Reach, The Arid Sea
Friends: Aeoea, Satan