Nov 092011

My exploration partner Elwin met me in Umbral Grotto for today’s journey. The Verdant Cascades area links the Far Shiverpeaks to the Tarnished Coast. Even though a few asuran krewe members can be found here, you won’t find any fantastic asuran architecture. Not that this area suffers from not being interesting enough; it has a beautiful hilly landscape, sparkling waters, and a small patch of ancient woodland.

Large flowers that towered above us, grew near the entrance to Umbral Grotto.

Unlike most of the areas in Tyria, this area has a large section without any dangerous enemies. Here we found a spot where a small flock of moa birds have gathered.

Walking past them and heading north to the cliffside that overlooks Umbral Grotto, we found snow wurms and the skeletal remains of a large creature.

Down a path lined with more snow wurms, we reached the base of a waterfall. When I walked closer and deeper into the water, crocodiles attacked us.

Getting on with the exploration and fighting our way through the Verdant Cascades, we stumbled into Quetzal territory. It’s a shame that these colorful tengu are so aggressive. I think they would make for great allies. But they will attack anyone on sight; even the intelligent asura cannot negotiate with them.

The Quetzal village lies at the southeast end, near another waterfall.

Heading eastward out of the Quetzal territory, we encountered groups of skelk. They are like most large creatures in Tyria; unintelligent, blood thirsty and aggressive.

Walking amongst the tall ancient trees and grass, I have a hard time keeping in mind that this green paradise borders the Far Shiverpeaks. Not that I mind the cold, but it’s such a drastic change in environment.

A lone troll blocked our path to the other side of this bridge. I’m not sure he thought about this situation in any depth, because when we approached the bridge he charged at us, leaving his post.

Wind riders dominate (quite literally) the eastern portion of the Verdant Cascades. They block passage on another bridge, just north of the bridge troll.

Some jotuns can be found in the area that transitions into the Far Shiverpeaks.

Wrapping up our exploration of the area, I chatted up an asura collector named Roall. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any useful information out of him. He just kept demanding skelk claws and calling me a bookah.

Prized Spoils: 5 golden items, one monk tome
Outposts: Umbral Grotto
Exits: Varajar Fells, Slaver’s Exile
Friends: Elwin L.