Jan 312011

Since my arrival at the Kodash Bazaar, I’ve come to appreciate life back on Istan much more. The quality of goods is better here, but it doesn’t justify the steep jump in prices. Sure being an adventurer has filled my coffers, but it seems like a waste to me. Also, I get a lot of stares from nobles, because I “carry the smell of battle”. The Vabbians seem to admire wealth, high fashion, and fine wine. They squirm at the idea of getting their hands dirty. I’ve had some success gaining influence with a few nobles by recounting my adventures. They particularly enjoyed hearing about the Kurzick’s dark cathedrals and of their Treesingers. My stories also caught the attention of my guild leader, Theresa, who got pretty excited about my exploits and accompanied me for the exploration of Vehtendi Valley. The most visually striking part about this area is right outside the gates of the bazaar. Large Vabbian towers, floating in mid air, with golden domes spin slowly against the background of the starry sky at night.

Unlike some other areas, there are quite a few settlements just outside of the main outpost. Vabbian guards patrol the Pojah Estates from vicious plant life and heket attacks. When I chatted up a bored guard, she wondered aloud if the Vabbians could just pay Varesh to call off Nightfall! It is a shame that no one wants to pour money into the reconstruction of Ascalon. I can deal with insane War marshals, but my skills don’t lend themselves to restoring the damage that the Searing has caused.

Loud partying could be heard from the houses with their lights on. Perhaps after I have befriended a few nobles, they’ll let me in on some fun! Then again, if I have to spend a fair chunk of my money on a designer dress, so I would probably pass up the opportunity. Theresa also liked the idea of spending the rest of the night with a bottle of Vabbian wine, but I assured her that fighting monsters was a lot more exciting and profitable.

At the Pojah Estate’s pier we encountered even more guards patrolling the area. I imagine they trade often with Kourna by sailing down the Elon river.

At the far northeast portion of Vehtendi Valley, there is a lush inaccessible area known as the Hanging Gardens of Jahin. The Vabbians take gardening very seriously. Its actually quite profitable to take up the profession here. Theresa wanted some of those floating gardens for her guild hall.

We’ve yet to encounter any new enemies in our travels so far. This is only the second area I’ve taken a good look at in Vabbi, but I have already developed tactics to combat my foes. Throughout all of the battles, the glow of the moon always demanded my attention. The sight of it always calms my nerves and provides much needed light during combat at night.

On the eastern side of the Elon river, you can spot the Yahnur Market. I’ve heard that beyond there is an area known as Resplendent Makuun, home to the famous Bokka Amphitheatre. I’d love to see a Vabbian play. I hope that it isn’t too expensive.

Theresa and I made our way back to the western side of the valley and took a short break at the village of Jahinur. It wasn’t long before Narjisuh the dye trader tried selling us “only the best” Vabbian black dye. Why anyone would want to obscure all of the details from their armor is beyond me.

Things started heating up when we reached an area with three heket leaders. The worst of which, is an expert in using the ritualists’s channeling magic. I was wise to prepare for a difficult spellcaster, and focused my attention on Bohdalz the Furious. Some people don’t see the use of rangers in a party, but being able to daze a spellcaster is a tremendous boon.

Nearing the end my exploration, we reached Harib the material trader. He lives in a small house with a pig pen located nearby. There is also a ladder rested against the southern wall, but he yelled at us when I tried to climb it. It leads to an area not marked on my map so I was just a bit curious to check it out… jeez!

Since we weren’t invited to any parties, Theresa and I gathered around a campfire and shared some rice wine and Pahnai salad. I must say, it was nice to see how the Vabbians have beautified Vehtendi Valley. Kourna always seemed so plain.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items
Outposts: The Kodash Bazaar, Yahnur Market
Exits: Yatendi Canyons, Forum Highlands
Friends: Theresa