Mar 022011

When my friends heard that I would be exploring an area with a diamond mine, they went out of their way to accompany me. It was easy to spot my friends faces in Jennur’s Horde, because they were the only ones in this mining outpost that didn’t look like they had put in a day’s work already. My two elementalist friends Rajas and Elwin showed up, and Alarion the ranger returned to join me. A warrior named Kaden, who reeked of booze, approached and said he also wanted to join our party in the exploration of Vehjin Mines. I was a little startled, but I’m never one to turn down help from a capable (if intoxicated) adventurer, so I welcomed him into our group.

The Vehjin Mines is bustling with production. The sound of banging pickaxes are everywhere. Immediately we were approached by Belgun the Quarry Master. After he learned that we were just adventurers and not looking for work, he requested that we secure the area of monsters. Rajas tried to negotiate some diamonds out of the request, but Belgun shrewdly argued away from that. The miners must be used to greedy travelers.

I hadn’t really thought about the dangers of life as a miner until we noticed a large gravesite ahead of us. Clearing the area of behemoths made me feel a bit better for the lives of Belgun’s men.

We took a moment to pay our respects to the dead. It is a pity that no adventuring monks or ritualists joined us today. I always feel a bit odd in these situations because I don’t know any prayers.

Near the graves, Alarion called our attention to a collector named Bahlbahs. She mentioned that her kids wanted a “miniature Shiro action figure with kung fu grip” for the upcoming holiday season. Instead of buying that, she wanted to make them pairs of baggy pants from behemoth hides. The idea is that this would be a hand made gift, and therefor more thoughtful, but I think she just being cheap. Getting clothes as gift when you are a kid is such a let down!

Half-way through the area, we found a small village. It looks average for a Kournan village, but in Vabbi it gives you the impression that these are very poor people.

At the far western edge of this area, we found another large mining operation. No one was working on it today, but it looks far from abandoned.

Below that area, I spotted a small crevice that leads to a strange outpost called Basalt Grotto. It connects Vabbi with the Desolation. As much as I like exploring, I would never consider going into the Desolation. I’ve heard it is just a big sulphurous wasteland in which no living thing can enter. Still, I like finding this quaint outpost. It would make a great spot for a private meeting.

After we combed the area for diamonds interesting rock formations, I thanked my friends Alarion, Rajas, Kaden and Elwin for helping me explore the Vehjin Mines.

Prized Spoils: 3 golden items, one elementalist tome
Outposts: Jennur’s Horde, Basalt Grotto
Exits: Holdings of Chokhin
Friends: Elwin L., Rajas I., Alarion M., Kaden A.