Jul 062011

Shortly before the exploration of Varajar Fells, I had met with Olaf Olafson here to gain his aid in the battle against the destroyers. He wasn’t interested until I mentioned that the destroyers were a good hunt. Then we entered the depths to clear destroyers out of norn lands and prevent them from coming through an asura gate located there. So now that my task to gain norn allies is complete, I will be wrapping up my exploration here soon.

From Olafstead, I spotted my friend Elwin L, and a new female elementalist from Ascalon: Elena D. She was enthusiastic about helping out because she was a fan of my “work”. I’ve given a copy of some journal entries to my friends, but I was a bit surprised to hear it had gotten more attention. Anyway, we headed out to explore the last area in the Far Shiverpeaks. Just beyond the gates of Olafstead, I noticed a family of yaks by the cliffside.

Heading westward, Varajar Fells has a dramatic transition to the Verdant Cascades. That is territory the asurans inhabit now that the destroyers have pushed them to the surface.

The rest of this area is cold and snowy, just like any other location in the Far Shiverpeaks. In the north we came across a lake with plenty of imps and elementals waiting for us there. Looking around, we even got a nice look at Olafstead.

After we defeated all of the imps from the lake, their leader Dazehl Brainfreezer suddenly appeared at the west corner. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with imps before, I knew what tricks they used and I was prepared to deal with them.

There’s nothing quite like the serene beauty of a lake surrounded by trees and a clear blue sky. It’s hard for one to enjoy these sights when vaettir suddenly appear while your guard is down though.

We were all surprised to find so many griffons in the south east corner of Varajar Fells. It has been years since I last saw them in the Southern Shiverpeaks.

Nearby the griffons, there is a small dwarven camp at the passageway to the Battledepths. You might be quick to ignore them, but we appreciated the services of their merchant. All this adventuring through Varajar Fells had filled our backpacks, and Vildrok Coppertoe was more than happy to help us with our storage problem.

The last spot to visit here is a small patch partially encircled by tall mountains.

Upon entering the area, smoke phantoms rose up and flung spells at us. Further inward we reached still more smoke phantoms, and then a circle of crypt slashers protecting a mound. This well-guarded spot is home to an undead lord named Nilfing the Chained.

Entering the mound, we saw more undead spellcasters with Nilfling himself at the center.

At their defeat, Elwin, Elena and I celebrated our victory against this challenge. Now that I am through with the norn, I can’t wait to head east into the Charr Homelands with my new friends. Until then, we parted ways and took a well deserved break to recover our strength for another day.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items
Outposts: Olafstead
Exits: Norrhart Domains, Drakkar Lake, Battledepths, Raven’s Point, Verdant Cascades
Friends: Elwin L., Elena D.