Aug 222012

200 years ago, when Shiro Tagachi unleashed the Jade Wind on Cantha, the guardian of the Echovald Forest, Urgoz was corrupted. All of the trees in the forest turned to stone, and it corrupted the previously benevolent creatures of the forest, such as Urgoz’s wardens.

Perhaps due to their constant struggle against the Luxons, the Kurzicks have sought help from outside to deal with Urgoz and his wardens. I encountered this same situation earlier when the Luxons invited adventurers to kill Kanaxi and his outcasts.

Drawing from my experience in the Deep, I asked a few friends from within my guild to explore Urgoz’s Warren. To my surprise, one of the people I asked had extensive knowledge of Urgoz’s Warren and gladly accepted my invitation. Without further delay Yoruichy, Robin, Mischa, and myself followed Bunny K. into Urgoz’s Warren.

Bunny notified us of the many traps and hazards in Urgoz’s Warren. We could hardly step a few feet without triggering suicidal vampiric creatures to appear. They tried to swarm us and then explode, so we spread out to minimize the fatal damage.

Around the corner, Bunny pointed into a large room at a small group of dredge and a twisted bark. It didn’t seem like a difficult encounter until we learned of Urgoz’s trap. His twisted bark has cursed the area (similar to the Aspects of Kanaxi in the Deep), causing all adventurers to become weakened. And as you approach the small group of dredge, they will call for reinforcements, and outnumber your group.

Before I could discuss a plan with the group, Bunny charged at the dredge and came running back with an army of dredge behind. He stopped just a few feet away from us, and as all of the dredge gathered around him, we prepared our attacks and spells for the exact moment all of the dredge would be concentrated in one spot.

This risky tactic proved invaluable in Urgoz’s Warren. We quickly learned that the creatures inhabiting this area greatly outnumbered us. If our monks or spellcasters were the first to enter battle, they’d be killed instantly. Being a warrior, Bunny’s heavy armor and knowledge of the battlefield helped us even the odds.

Just as I experienced in the Deep, Urgoz uses special creations to deter and prevent adventurers from progressing. His twisted bark emanate a negative effect, and guardian serpents keep a door closed until these serpents are defeated.

After defeating the twisted bark and the dredge at the starting area, we found the same situation in the following room; a small group of dredge nearby a guardian serpent this time. Bunny executed the same tactic, and we passed through this challenge with ease.

Exploring Urgoz’s Warren felt like being stuck in a dark, deadly maze, with blood thirsty creatures (which see better in the dark than you can) at every turn. The manner in which enemies would pop into existence made me wonder if Urgoz was watching us, and placing them in exactly the right spot. I found it disgusting how Urgoz had once been the Echovald Forest’s protector, and now Shiro’s corruption has turned him into a sadistic puppet master.

Without the aid of lighting from the old Kurzick housing and torches throughout the third area, dredge and Urgoz’s vicious plant creations would have caught us by surprise. The contrast in lighting caused many of my arrows to go astray. Even given the situation we were all in, I hated myself for these mistakes.

Rows of fire flowers placed on either side of a long, winding bridge (which didn’t visibly have an end) shot at us with burning needles. Everyone knew walking forward would lead us into a trap, but Bunny assured us we’d survive.

Trusting his experience, we took our time reaching the end of the path, enduring the pain from burning needles, and defeating creatures spawned into existence by Urgoz.

In the fifth section, the very room came to life. Vines erupted from the ground, climbing up open doorways and becoming intertwined, preventing us from progressing. Trapped inside this room, thorn wolves lunged at us from the darkness. Yoruichy’s prayers kept us safe, but she soon felt the negative environmental effect of this area. Each spell cast was making the caster exhausted. We had to kill the twisted bark responsible for this.

Darkness faded as we approached these gargantuan mushrooms. I’ve seen them before in the Echovald Forest, but the cause of their growth is still unknown. At least they did not produce any spores to hinder us.

Turning a corner, the light reflecting off these crystals blinded us. It gave me a headache and caused us to slow down at the following area because our eyes needed time to adjust to the darkness. Looking back on the photo I took, it’s actually a beautiful work of nature.

As we approached a bridge to the seventh area, Bunny halted us. Urgoz had designed this bridge to alert his wardens when the weight of twelve people stood on it at the same time. Robin volunteered to stay back until the rest of us made it past safely.

In the eighth room, we felt the burden of two twisted bark curses; weakness and exhaustion. It took a lot of patience and careful maneuvering to lure the wardens out of this area so we could fight them outside of the range of these curses.

I couldn’t help but look around the ninth room at the gorgeous old Kurzick architecture. It’s a bit dangerous to take my eyes off our enemies movement, but it’s a fault my friends are understanding of. Stopping to look around is just part of my nature.

Bunny alerted us to yet another trap in the tenth room. The doors behind us would shut close and enemies would surround us, if everyone in the group entered the room. His solution was easy, one person just had to stay behind the doorway.

The elaborate nature of these traps made me wonder if Urgoz spent the past 200 years after the Jade Wind to devise them.

Wild growths of vines and tree bark decorated the area of Urgoz’s sanctum. Only a few minions remained to protect the corrupted guardian before he came into our sights.

At first glance, it looks as if Urgoz is only guarded by two greater serpents. But as you approach him, dozens of explosive growths rise from the ground and live for a few moments before bursting and damaging anything nearby. The blast also knocks you down for a few seconds, leaving you open to Urgoz’s attacks.

Bunny K. took us aside and explained a good tactic he learned for this situation. If I communed with nature and summoned the edge of extinction spirit, Urgoz would be hurt by the death of his exploding growths. I had to be careful to place the spirit in a safe spot and walk away before Urgoz could hit both of us. The rest of our party went in for the attack while I focused on keeping the spirit safe.

The plan took a while, but eventually Urgoz was killed by his own creations. Afterwards, we killed the final two greater serpents before claiming our reward for bringing Urgoz down.

Everyone was excited to pull out a few shiny treasures from the large chest that spawned after our victory. And we all made a point to thank Bunny K. for guiding us. I also expressed gratitude to everyone for helping me explore this deadly area.


Prized Spoils: 2 golden items, 4 amber chunks, 1 mystical summoning stone
The Pink Animal Clan [pink] members:Bunny K., Misha B., Yoruichy C., Robin D.