Jun 302010

200 years ago, the waters here flowed uninterrupted and the Harvest Temple floated on the water. On the day of Harvest Ceremony, Emperor Angsiyan was killed by his body guard: Shiro Tagachi. No one knows what compelled Shiro to kill his master, some suspect that he is insane or perhaps possessed by a demonic force.

In present time, I came to this area to seek out a dragon named Kunnavang trapped in the depths of the temple. It turns out that it has been corrupted ever since the Jade Wind. Luckily when we defeated it, we were able to reverse the affliction and gained insight on how to proceed and kill Shiro. Today I am here to revisit the Unwaking Waters and see if I can uncover anything helpful before I move on. Solorian, Cver and Zetta are accompanying me as well.

When the temple sunk into the sea, it caused a whirlpool which then was frozen in time by the Jade Wind.

Still, the top of the tower reaches a mighty height.

The sky takes on a demonic appearance in this area, no doubt due to the evil act committed here.

This boat sticking out of the jade sea reminds me of a similar one in Scoundrel’s Rise.

Beyond this small mountain and wooden platforms is the Silent Surf.

Making our way past some Shiro’ken, we battled with a lesser dragon leader known as Kunvie Firewing. After meeting Kunnavang, I suppose Kunvie was not so scary to meet.

On the Kurzick side of Unwaking Waters it looks like just what you would expect. Some 200 years ago, this must have been a nice beach front. Beyond the small outpost seen here is Morostav Trail.

When I finally satisfied my curiosity, I thanked my friends Zetta, Solorian and Cver for coming. This is a small area with quite a few foes, so bringing along help is very useful.

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: Harvest Temple, Unwaking Waters (outpost)
Exits: None
Friends: Solorian D., Cver D., So Zetta S.