Oct 132011

Reiko and the Ministry of Purity’s swift changes have everyone chatting and gossiping about the future of Cantha. While traveling around the country on assignments, I often overhear these conversations and have documented a few here.

Two peasants outside of the Marketplace were displeased with the lack of the Emperor’s actions.

Nearby the Shenzun Tunnels, two peasants were disappointed that the Ministry of Purity is just creating more problems to promote their own justice.

Here a dock master was complaining to her worker that the Ministry of Winds tightening regulations was challenging her livelihood by limiting shipments to and from Cantha. In light of the bombings at Seitung Harbor in Shing Jea, the Ministry of Wind is growing ever more paranoid.

In Bukdek Byway outside of the Kaineng Center gates, Initiate Shen Su confided in his friend that he was uneasy about killing the gangs of Kaineng City. The Ministry portrays the gangs as a faceless evil, but he must stare into their eyes as he kills them. He confesses that he doesn’t feel proud about striking down fellow his fellow man.

While I was in Bukdek Byway I checked on a few spots where the afflicted had once roamed. Now instead of the gangs taking over, those areas are filled with Ministry guards. In one such area, I found them killing Imperial Guards! I can’t wait to send a report to Emperor Kisu, but I am sure there are already a long lineup of complaints.

Outside the gates of Senji’s Corner, a cleric of the Ministry and a peasant were conversing about their future together. They were supposed to be wed. The cleric said that the Ministry’s work would create a more peaceful Cantha to live in. Her partner didn’t understand why she was being called away for duty when the afflicted and the gangs have been taken care of. Like every person in the Ministry I’ve spoken to, the cleric said there is still another nameless threat out there.

Away from the mainland, outside the thick walls of the Shing Jea Monastery, a student and a peasant were talking about the recent tengu problem. The peasant told the student that the Angchu massacred the Ministry of Purity when they tried to relocate them, though they couldn’t figure out why. A guard stationed nearby pointed out that this story didn’t add up, leaving the two with some doubt about the Ministry.

Back to Kaineng City, a group of angry citizens demanded answers from an Imperial Guard. They were upset about the recent tengu aggression from the Roost incident. The guard reassured everyone but he couldn’t quell the angry mob. They felt the emperor’s treaty favoured tengu instead of his people’s safety. With no other options, the guard ordered them to disperse. I got the sense that everyone walked away feeling even more angered than appeased.

Lastly, I checked out the Bejukan Pier. I found Xin Ji, a commoner from Tsumei Village, talking to a large crowd about the cruelty of the Ministry of Purity towards the Angchu when the Sensali attacked. Her words about Ryun Grayfeather’s death at the hands of the Ministry fell on deaf ears.

I had to step in and knock some sense into the mob when they turned aggressive and tried to kill Xin Ji! It’s understandable that they might not believe her, because it conflicts with their perception of the Ministry. But they were fully willing to fight blindly for the Ministry’s image. A scary fact that I find difficult to accept.