Feb 102012

When I last left Miku, we had infiltrated Tahnnakai Temple to rescue her younger brother Ashu. He refused to come with us, which forced us to flee and rethink our strategy. In this brief moment where I have time to myself before reuniting with Miku, I took on a few of the Lei Jeng’s troubles. Firstly was to deal with the arrival of a Kurzick and a Luxon emissary to Raisu Palace. They had come to complain about the Kaineng gangs that still roam their lands, and since this is the Ministry of Purity’s fault it is also naturally Emperor Kisu’s responsibility to remove the gangs. If only the Kurzicks and Luxons could stop fighting each other for one minute and deal with the problem themselves I wouldn’t have to intervene.

Eager to get rid of the gangs and the emissaries, I headed off to the Silent Surf in the Jade Sea. With all the fuss made about the gangs I expected to be easily outnumbered, but the Am Fah posed little threat to my group. When I spotted the last couple of groups, they were already in combat with the local (vicious) wildlife. Perhaps if the emissaries waited long enough the problem could have resolved itself.

From there I traveled to the Eternal Grove in the Echovald Forest to combat the Jade Brotherhood. They too were small in number, and some of them were already being taken care of by monsters. I hardly had to do any work, and in no time at all this “problem” was resolved.

The emissaries were not outwardly pleased with my work, but I could tell they were relieved to go back to their own lands. Lei Jeng on the other hand, was not amused with their demands, but the fact that they are now gone is good enough for him.

The next trouble I took on was a plea by Zenmai to halt the Ministry of Purity’s movement in Sunjiang District to kill all the Am Fah. As a former member of the gang, she wanted to try and persuade some of them to leave the organization and walk away with their lives. Since Lei Jeng cannot halt the Ministry of Purity’s movement, his troubles are now my burden and I must help Zenmai.

Within a few steps into the Sunjiang District, I could see the Ministry of Purity was already moving in on the kill. I met up with Zenmai and her old partner Daisuke Crimson Edge. She pleaded with him to leave the Am Fah, but the sudden appearance of the Ministry of Purity ended the conversation.

Zenmai didn’t want to ask for my help, but I willingly gave it. She’s been my friend for several years now and if I were in her shoes, I would be doing the same thing. We continued to fight our way through Ministry of Purity groups as we tried to locate several more of her Am Fah friends. Expectedly, some of them defected while others fought to the death. When your entire identity is built around being with the Am Fah, I can see why it is so hard to abandon it.

Pushing forward, we stepped into a trap set by the Ministry of Purity. They used one of Zenmai’s friends, Min, as bait and then surrounded us. Luckily Daisuke and his band of Am Fah also stepped in and helped us turn the tide of battle. After the fight, Zenmai thanked Daisuke for helping us, but he insisted that his motive was to counter the Ministry of Purity, not help us directly. Before leaving us, Daisuke said he wouldn’t stop her friends from defecting but also wouldn’t be joining us. I’m sure Zenmai feels as though she’s let down some of her friends, but at least we saved a few of them. We went our separate ways, I reported the good news back to Lei Jeng, and then made plans to meet up with Miku soon.