Jan 252010

Upon entering the Twin Serpent Lakes area with my good friend Nox, we were confronted by mergoyles, skales and tengu. These encounters usually put me in a bad mood, but with such a scenic location I feeling at ease.

Many of the features here are similar to that of Watchtower Coast, with the exception of the slightly cloudy water you see here.

Whilst fighting common Krytan monsters, I was also a bit surprised to find a few White Mantle in the area! No doubt because we are so close to Riverside Province, where one of their most holy sites can be found: the Temple of Tolerance.

At the far south west corner of Twin Serpent Lakes, I found Kournis the Tracker. It has been a long time since I have conversed and traded stories with another fellow ranger. But only a few moments after we introduced ourselves, he interupted me, insisting that he’d rather talk to animals because they are more trustworthy.

A glorious statue of the goddess, Melandru.

Upon finishing Twin Serpent Lakes, we celebrated. This had to be one of the most pleasant areas to go through so far. Nox even smiled but I didn’t catch it in this picture! *Heavy sigh*

Prized spoils: One elite elementalist tome, and two golden items
Outposts: Riverside Province
Exits: Tears of the Fallen
Friends: Nox