Mar 092011

In our mission to track down Varesh, the trail leads us back to Kourna. Kormir has been having terrible visions and felt compelled to visit the monument commemorating the Battle of Jahai. As we approached it, she trembled and screamed before disappearing into a portal of darkness. The ancient corpse of Palawa Joko then rose from the monument and thanked us for freeing him. We made a bargain with him to tell us how we might get through the sulphurous wasteland know as the Desolation. He revealed to us the secret to controlling and riding the Junundu Wurms of the sulfurous wastes! I must say, it is quite the experience. For today, I will be exploring the lands that approach the Gates of Desolation.

Here in Turai’s Procession, is the ancestral home of the Elonian centaurs. Two elementalists, Rajas and Ikk will be joining me on today’s exploration.

I was excited to see the Elonian centaurs again, so we made our way there first. I noticed the hammocks on my first trip through this area, but I still don’t know how the centaurs get into them.

On the large ancestor tree in the center, there is a bit of parchment with a drawing on it. It is exactly the same as another one I found in Marga Coast.

Mirza Veldrunner, the centaur elder was pleased to see us. During my time in Elona, I had come to Mirza’s aid a few times. First we killed a group of Kournans that came to “take care” of their centaur problem. Then we cleansed the area of a deep corruption. Mirza gave us some sacred seeds and roots to make sure that the corruption wouldn’t return. Finally, we protected Mirza and his centaurs from a massive Margonite invasion. I don’t know why the Margonites thought it was so important to kill off this dying breed of centaurs. I have never been able to interrogate a Margonite, so I doubt I’ll ever learn why they came here anyway.

Before we headed out to explore the area fully, we relaxed under the shade of trees. Mirza Veldrunner offered us some food, but I’m not thrilled about eating hay.

Near the centaur settlement, we noticed these strange buildings. It appears to be a living space, made to look like a strange plant creature.

It didn’t take us long to bump into some Kournan guards. They were stationed at this village and attacked us on sight. I’m used to their tactics by now so it wasn’t much of a fight. In this area, I mostly came across beasts, heket, a few elementals and djinn.

In the distance, we could see some buildings at the Gate of Desolation.

I found a single chair (or short table) while fighting elementals and djinn in the northern portion of Turai’s Procession. I doubt the djinn have need for such things and I suspect a Kournan guard left it here.

We ended our journey at the Gate of Desolation. I don’t know when I will come back to Kourna or Vabbi again, but I hope that we can stop Varesh soon.

Prized Spoils: 4 golden items, one elite ritualist tome
Outposts: Command Post, Venta Cemetery, Gate of Desolation
Exits: Jahai Bluffs
Friends: Rajas I., Ikk D. E.