Sep 302009

Here we are in the Northern Shiverpeaks, home of the Dwarves (and a few humans). This area is noticeably more colder than Ascalon, so unless you are built like a Dwarf, I would advise you to wear something to keep you warm.
During my travels here I will discuss what I know about the Dwarves a bit and in more detail later on when I get to the Southern Shiverpeaks.
I entered Traveler’s Vale from the outpost, Yak’s Bend. There I quickly noticed some caravan guards. Remembering what happened to the incredibly frail Ascalon Strikers in Flame Temple Corridor, I was determined to help keep these men alive.

Oddly enough, whenever we defeated foes in our path and I tried to communicate with them, they just kept walking past me. They must be very determined to get somewhere fast, because they literally walk right into mobs of enemies without a second though!
I followed these caravan guards all the way to Borlis Pass. Still they would not talk to me. I guess they don’t care to associate with adventurers.

Here are some small ice caves. I would have liked to inspect them closer, but the terrain prevented me from doing so. (That and my sidekicks were not too happy about lowering me down on a rope.)

Here is where Ascalonians get their first look at what Stone Summit architecture looks like. You can tell it belongs to them by the chains.
From what I have read about Dwarven history, before the Searing they were a (mostly) unified race. A civil war broke out after the Searing because the Deldrimor Dwarves associated with other races which enraged their xenophobic brethren the Stone Summit.

Not far from the structures pictured above, I noticed a lot of wooden planks littering the side of path. I’m not sure of their purpose.
When I venture into the Iron Horse Mine next time, I will have much more to talk about.

Prized Spoils: 2 golden items, an elementalist tome, lockpick.
Outposts: Yak’s Bend
Ascalon Foothills and Iron Horse Mine