May 062011

Left with no alternative, it was time to confront Abaddon and stop him. Along with other adventurers, the whole ordeal took some time. First, we had to destroy the summoned monoliths, and when we got a chance to attack the god, our efforts didn’t do much to injure him greatly. But over time our efforts were enough to bring him down.

In the chaos created by Abaddon’s death, Kormir (who had been with us the whole time, but not helping out at all) rushed into the madness. What walked out of the chaos and greeted us wasn’t Kormir, it was a new god. She filled up the void caused by the god’s death and took his place! I remember hearing a story from Apostate (a Margonite ally), that Abaddon himself supplanted a previous god. Today has shown us that we mortals have a lot more control over the gods than previously thought. This to me, explains why our original five gods were distant during our mission in the Realm of Torment.

With Kormir ascending to godhood, she opened up a path to a small area known as the Throne of Secrets. There, the forgotten, ghosts, and our Elonian heroes gathered to thank us for bringing Abaddon down. I overheard the forgotten mentioning how their task was complete. I wonder what they will do with all of their free time now.
Before exploring the area a bit more, I knelt at Kormir’s statue and talked to her avatar. She also thanked me for the seemingly impossible task of killing a god. I don’t feel that Kormir did much to deserve her new position, but I hope all of the hours spent helping the Sunspears and getting her to this point means that she will return favors in the future. I’m not asking to die rich or rule a nation, but surely she can do something if Tyria has another great crisis!

The avatar sensed my concern for the world, and took joy in letting me know that there was still more to do. Until Kormir could completely take control over Abaddon’s power, she needed help clearing the “Domain of Anguish” of his minions. I was really looking forward to having a break and lounging on the shores of Shing Jea, but the thought of getting back into action still excites me.