Dec 172010

A lot of people showed up for Gwen and Keiran’s wedding: Nicholas the Traveler, Professor Yakkington, Cynn, Mhenlo, Eve, Devona, Aidan, the Ebon Falcons, Ogden Stonehealer, Vekk, Jora, plus some norn friends and members of the Ebon Vanguard. Olaf Olafson presided the wedding and took the priest’s duty to marry the couple.

When it came time for someone to speak for Keiran’s courage, the norn I met earlier, Valgar Tempestcrafter, stepped up. This is the “challenge” he needed to help Keiran with. I guess that makes sense if you’re a norn. As for Gwen, I offered to speak for her courage. Surviving the searing is a testament of her courage.

Because this is a norn wedding, their vows reflected their commitment to stand by one another even when they falter in battle. To celebrate the commencement of the wedding, everyone cheered and the norn celebrated with full tankard of ale.

Gwen and Keiran found a moment to themselves to speak of their undying love for each other. When Olaf Olafson interrupted them, the two newlyweds rushed off.

They ran past a line of Ebon Vanguards and off into the wilderness to celebrate their honeymoon. I don’t know where they are headed off to, but I am sure they picked a secluded spot.

The bride and groom were no longer present, but everyone continued to party. I took the time to speak with some of the guests and admire the flower arrangements.

Cynn was arguing with Mhenlo because she couldn’t believe that Gwen, a young girl she watched grow up in Ascalon, got married before she did. Its pretty understandable why Mhenlo wouldn’t rush to marry Cynn. Personally, I can’t stand to be around her for more than 10 minutes.

Out of all of the people I talked to, I found Kimmes the Historan’s remarks the most amusing. He didn’t appreciate all of Gwen and Keiran’s bickering while he was standing at the Hall of Monument’s entrance. Its like they didn’t even notice him.
Also, when I talked with Aidan he mentioned that Keiran gave up being a ranger to become a paragon! Apparently getting married makes you lose all common sense. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to be a ranger anymore. But I guess I am a bit biased.

I’m happy to have helped Gwen and Keiran come to this point and hopefully some more friends will invite me to their weddings so I can get more milage out of this formal dress. (Seriously, when are Koss and Melonni getting married?)