May 272010

As of latel, I am beginning to worry about the sanity of my friends. Why would anyone willingly offer to help me explore the Undercity? My friends Catfish J., Morganna D., Xia H. D. and Vengance H. followed me into one of Cantha’s Tyria’s worst smelling areas.

Walking through the tunnels near the entrance to the Undercity, we came across an opening. I believe the area above us is Xaquang Skyway.

The area with an open sky quickly transitions back into more tunnels. A great deal of poor housing is located in the Undercity, so these nicer houses came as a surprise to us.

It’s not uncommon to find rats everywhere.

Between fighting the Afflicted, Am Fah and Kappa I am starting to think that I should have worn armor that covered more of my body. It feels so disgusting to explore this area. I also feel bad for dragging my friends along with me.

Oh lovely, lots of sewage.

The “view” in the Undercity is down right depressing.

Here is yet more sewage beyond some rubble.

Claw-like structures hold up the roof.

In a particularly fiery portion, Am Fah dropped down and attacked us. Among them was Chung the Attuned, who was quite surprised when we defeated all of his men and readied our weapons on him.

Lastly, we visited the Am Fah’s guild hall. I wonder if Mina Shatter Storm is their guild leader or just an officer.

Ending my exploration of the Undercity, we all felt like tossing our armor into the burning fire and taking a bath in holy water. Unfortunately I still have to explore the Shenzun Tunnels at some point, and it smells equally bad. I thanked my friends Catfish J., Morganna D., Xia H. D. and Vengance H. for their devotion to helping me explore all of Tyria. (Seriously I can’t believe they followed me in here!)

Prized Spoils: 1 golden item
Outposts: Vizunah Square (Local Quarter)
Exits: Bukdek Byway, Wajjun Bazaar
Friends: Xia H. D., Catfish J, Vengance H., Morganna