Aug 142012

After fulfilling the Flameseeker Prophecies, our actions have released a small army of titans across Tyria. It was foreseen by Glint that the mursaat would die in such an event. Even after the death of their race, titans persist and now threaten humans and dwarves.

Through the power of her ancient magic, she may live inside a tiny grain of sand, but a small monument has been placed here in Droknar’s Forge to commune with the dragon. This vision of Glint gave Erolin S. and I instructions to destroy a titan lord and its army in Mineral Springs.

To reach Mineral Springs, Erolin and I departed from the Granite Citadel and into the frozen wilderness of Tasca’s Demise. Predictably, Glint failed to mention what we’d be fighting against. Like the titans of the Fire Islands, more of them arise from the ashes of certain titans you kill. The frost titans, once killed, will produce an icy brute and titan’s malice. From the icy brute’s corpse, a dark titan rises. Likewise, the titan’s malice, upon death, is replaced with the most frustrating of the bunch: titan’s heart. These titan’s hearts are powerful monks that use healing and protection to keep their titan allies alive. Eventually we fought our way past all the titans and reached the passage to Mineral Springs.

Arriving in the general area Glint mentioned, we spotted a ongoing battle between the local avicara and our new titan threat.

Mursaat traveled to the Southern Shiverpeaks to stop the Shining Blade and us from fulfilling the Flameseeker Prophecies. The titans made short work of the mursaat and their jade armors. We found dozens of corpses, and no mursaat survivors.

Taking this moment to speak with my friend Erolin, we re-examined the events in Tyria that led up to this moment.

In hindsight, I wish we’d known that Vizier Khilbron was an undead lich trying to open the Gate of Komalie. The mursaat knew what would happen if their enemies, the titans were released. So they used the souls of the chosen to charge batteries that kept the Gate of Komalie closed off. Through our efforts to help Krytans and the Shining Blade from being sacrified, the mursaat became our enemies. Looking back, they were simply concerned with preserving their species (at the cost of another).

We were led into believing that Vizier Khilbron was an ally worth trusting. It seemed silly to doubt the help of a stranger during a great time of need. I remember fighting off hordes of White Mantle in Sanctum Cay while our “friend” Vizier Khilbron raised a ship from it’s watery grave to carry us away to the Crystal Desert.

It wasn’t until the conclusion of Thunderhead Keep that Khilbron directed us to the Gate of Komalie on the Ring of Fire islands. His twisted words in that moment still proved to be true today; “…find the Door of Komalie. Behind it lies the secret to defeating the Mursaat.”

The undead lich was able to open the Gate of Komalie by using us to kill the mursaat protecting it. After his identity was revealed, we caught him gloating in front of the Gate of Komalie on a bloodstone. Killing him on that spot allowed us to transfer his energy to the soul batteries and close the gate. If the mursaat had only known what we could have accomplished together that day, we could have been allies.

Without any directions, we took the western path around Mineral Springs. In the northern section of the area, titan lord Evirso Sectus and his band of titans awaited us. The necromancer lord took quick notice of Erolin and drained away her energy with a hex spell. All of my training as an adventurer prepared me for moments of chaos like this, and by calling out the most important targets (such as the titan’s heart) we survived the encounter and then reported back to Glint.

Next we were sent to eliminate the other titans that spread across Kryta, the Maguuma Jungle, and Ascalon.

Firstwatch Sergio in Lion’s Arch referred us to Lionscout Gabrian just outside of the gates. Our worst fears were confirmed when we heard that the titans were marching on to the Ascalon Settlement. Erolin and I rushed passed the corpses of lionguards and native monsters to reach our friends who were already in battle against the titans.

Perhaps due to the warm climate, these titans were different in appearance and ability. We had to learn very quickly, which titans would spawn even more titans when killed and which spells they employed. Rotting titans create a wild growth in their place, and once a wild growth is killed, three more are created: earth, water and wind born titans. The water born titans in particular were annoying to deal with. Once they spotted our monk Erolin, they conjured up a maelstrom to interrupt her protective prayers.

Captain Greywind and his soldiers fought along side us as we protected the Ascalon refugees held up in the settlement. I think Erolin most felt the need to win this battle to protect her fellow Ascalonians and honor Rurik whose sacrifice made this settlement possible.

Titan lord, Mentani Arboro arrived relatively early into the battle. His demise produced waves of lesser titans. I thought it all went smoothly, but Erolin later remarked that Captain Greywind took several nearly fatal hits for his soldiers, and as a result she had to work harder to keep him alive.

Wasting no time, we traveled to the Henge of Denravi and spoke with Shadow before heading out into Tangle Root. Evennia was eagerly awaiting us to help her defend their stronghold against the titans. I told her to stay by the Henge of Denravi. After all, Saidra sacrificed herself so that she could continue leading the Shining Blade. If Evennia fell now in battle, Saidra’s death would be meaningless.

While we were talking, monsters of Tangle Root ran past us into the Henge of Denravi. Following in behind them were the same type of titans we fought in Kryta. Erolin and I engaged the titans in combat. Hopefully Evennia and the Shining Blade can deal with the terrified monsters running into their haven.

Wave after wave of titans, we endured their onslaught with the help of our Shining Blade friends. Titan lord Desnas Hubor’s arrival marked the finale of this battle. Once the lesser (and more annoying) titans were destroyed, it was easy to kill the titan lord with all of our might focused.

From the Maguuma Jungle we traveled to Ascalon. Warmaster Riga in the Frontier Gate alerted us to a disturbing battle in the Eastern Frontier. King Adlebern and a small band of men were trying to fight all of the titans. Oddly enough, Warmaster Riga said he’d help the king, but was given specific orders to protect the Frontier Gate. I don’t think the gate is more important than the life of your own king. If the titans did make it past them and flooded the Frontier Gate, I don’t think Warmaster Riga could hold them off either.

I wanted to recruit Warmaster Riga for the battle, but Erolin demanded that we leave at once to help King Adelbern.

Leaving the Frontier Gate, we noticed that the charr of this area had become increasingly bigger and tougher. All of our years fighting against each other has elevated our skill in battle.

Taking a path north, we had the king and his men in our sights before they dashed off into another battle. Erolin was worried that King Adelbern, with his kingdom in shambles, had become fatalistic. It’s not my place to judge what this king does or what will happen to Ascalon in the future, but it does seem like an uphill battle with no sign of help from Kryta or friendly human nations.

As with protecting Captain Greywind, our monk Erolin had a difficult time keeping him alive. Perhaps it is something about the nature of warriors in Tyria, but they always fearlessly charge into battle. But if they had an ounce of self preservation, it would keep them “within range” of a monk’s prayers.

In the Eastern Frontier, we faced the same titans that inhabit the Ring of Fire, along with imps named “sparks of the titans”, and the charr that worship these demonic beings.

Unlike the three previous areas we defended, no titan lords showed up during the course of this battle. Not that I wanted that to happen, but it did seem a bit odd. Anyway, after fighting off the last two armageddon lords, the battle was won. We spoke with King Adelbern to check on his well being, but his words were depressing.

A long time have I fought for Ascalon. First as a soldier blessed by Balthazar, now as its king. Though I have survived one more battle, and I will see another day, it will not make me any more wise… only one day older. I have lost all that a man can lose. All that I have left is this antiquated set of armor and the remains of this tattered kingdom. I thank you for your help today. Rurik would have been very proud of all you have accomplished.

Is that really how he thinks of his life and the kingdom of Ascalon? I had somewhat hoped that he had a vision to to restore Ascalon with the influx of adventurers looking for work. Perhaps Prince Rurik was right about abandoning this land, but it’s a thought I’d never say aloud in front of Erolin.

It’s been a long day, but after protecting King Adelbern we decided to skip resting a night and reported back to Glint. I was surprised to hear from her that the titans were amassing past the Great Northern Wall of Ascalon. Adding to the urgency of the situation, several titan lords continued to create more titans even though the Door of Komalie was sealed. If we didn’t kill the titan lords soon, Ascalon would be overtaken, and Tyria would soon fall to this new threat.

Warmaster Labofski in Grendich Courthouse directed us to Dragon’s Gullet. This is where his scouts noticed charr amassing to worship the arrival of their gods, the titans. Having encountered these demonic beings in person, I feel a bit sorry for the charr. These are not gods, and they are being manipulated to do their bidding, just as I was deceived by the undead lich. I hope the death of their titan lords will force them to abandon their faith in these “gods”.

Fighting our way through Diessa Lowlands, and then past the charr armies in the Flame Temple Corridor we reached Dragon’s Gullet. We encountered the same type of titans found in the Eastern Frontier, but the charr here were especially tough. Several of the charr leaders, were literally the size of hill giants. I’ve heard that monsters can grow in size with power, but I kinda thought there was a limit on their stature.

Trying to walk and fight our way through all the tar pools of Dragon’s Gullet was exhausting. At the time, I didn’t even care about how mucked up my armor was. My enemy in that moment was fatigue. I expressed my worry to Erolin that we would be to weak by the time we reached the titan lords. Thinking that she could cast a reinvigorating spell on us, I was pleasantly surprised when she pulled some birthday cupcakes out of her backpack! In hindsight, I probably should have asked how long they had been stowed away.

Full of sugar and renewed hope, I charged into battle against the titans and charr that got in our way. When we spotted the final three titan lords, Gigas Expii, Ludo Ossidi, and Mallus Funo, I quickly killed their minions before they could act. Then I let out a barrage of arrows down on the titan lords and relentlessly interrupted their spells. Together with our henchmen, we didn’t hold anything back during the final battle and before long the titan lords were reduced to ashes.

I was so excited to deliver the good news (and get some sleep), that it completely slipped my mind to bundle up for the intense cold of Droknar’s Forge.

Glint was pleased by our success, but did not reward us with money or prizes. Instead, she called our heroic actions “valuable experience”. And with that, Erolin and I retired for the night after our sugar rush wore off and we collapsed in the outpost.

Friends: Erolin S.